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What Is The Best Tech For Your Winter Getaway?

A winter getaway can be a refreshing change from the UK in a season that can be quite gloomy. Packing your cases and heading off to New York, a magical Disney Christmas in Paris or perusing the German markets can help you forget all about the freezing temperatures. Remember to apply for your EHIC before travelling to Europe, and applying online can be an easy way through the E111 process. Here we take a look at some of the best technology you should pack for your winter getaway.

Heated Gloves


These will come in particularly useful if you’re on a skiing trip, or even out and about in the snow, it’s important to keep your extremities as warm as possible. Lucent are innovators in heated gloves that are powered by a rechargeable battery (sucked away in a zip-up pocket) that will provide enough heat to last the entire day.  You can adjust the temperature to suit your needs and preferences, especially you don’t really want to completely cook your hands.

FuelWear Undershirt

It’s also just as important to keep your torso warm, and that is wear FuelWear come in. This Indiegogo backed product is base layer of clothing with an intelligent heating system. The fabric is made out of bamboo with the heating elements embedded between the fabric layers and you can even wash the product like you would any other shirt.
The smart temperature controls work similarly to a fridge, where you set your desired temperature at the start of the day, the shirt will then turn on and off, as the base layer has a built in thermometer to detect your body temperature throughout the day depending on your location and activity level.

Headphone Earmuffs


While this isn’t exactly brand new tech, you can now buy wireless earmuffs that connect to your Bluetooth. This means you can keep your ears warm and listen to your favourite tunes without the fuss or hassle. One size fits all as they are fully adjustable, and they are even comfortable enough to fit under a ski helmet. Perfect for adding your killer playlist to your time on the slopes.



The ultimate way to document your adventures is with the world’s tiniest video cameras. These days you’ll see them practically everywhere, as they are now fully attachable to helmets and masks which means you can capture the most incredible moments from a POV angle. Frequently used by kayakers enjoying the rapids, or skiers catching their journey down the slopes. Investing in a GoPro can be a great way to document your winter holiday.