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Top Activity Holiday Destinations Worldwide

If you like to stay active and the thought of two weeks on a sun-lounger with a book fills you with fears of boredom, check out some of these top Holiday Destinations for those looking for action! From adrenaline-pumping sports to relaxing walking holidays, add some of these to your wish-list:

Scuba Diving:

explore a whole new world underwater and experience amazing wildlife you’ll never find on land! Many tourists head to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a 2,300km-long ecosystem of reef and coral with countless varieties of fish and other marine creatures. For a less-obvious choice, try Mozambique, which is gaining popularity fast. Here you’ll experience some of the best shark diving in the world, and other larger marine wildlife.


Cycling and Mountain Biking:

Cycling is a great way to get around whether you’re planning a gentle ride sightseeing around a city or an action-packed trail in the mountains. Amsterdam is known as the most bike-friendly capital in the world, and if you’re taking a trip here then hiring a bike is an absolute must. Join an organized tour or head out exploring under your own steam. For a far-flung mountain-biking destination, head to New Zealand which boasts some of the best trails you’ll find, built in the Whakarewarewa Forest.


Canoeing and Kayaking:

See the world from a new perspective as you navigate your way along a country’s natural waterways. Travel a portion of South Africa’s Amazon River, and you’ll experience the rainforest and jungle wildlife of a true water safari. It’s best to join an organized tour if possible, as this can be a dangerous holiday destinations for the inexperienced traveler. For a watery adventure that’s completely different, kayaking in Glacier Bay, Alaska, is an experience like no other. Paddle among icebergs and glaciers and take in the incredible scenery.



If getting up close and personal with the waves is your thing, a surfing holiday is ideal. Head to Hawaii, America’s top surf destination and get to grips with monster waves! For beginners, there’s calmer water in Waikiki, but make your way to the North shore for the wilder waves and professional-level surfing. Closer to home, the Canary Islands are a popular choice for water-sports enthusiasts, with small resorts and beautiful beaches galore.


Walking and Hiking:

The world is full of spectacular locations for walking, trekking, and hiking. For most destinations, no special skill is required, just good overall fitness and quality footwear. Within Europe, Switzerland is a popular choice for those looking to explore on foot. With a mixture of forest and mountain paths, you can plan your route to make it as challenging as you like and bask in the incredible views which reward you. If you’re thinking long-haul, you can’t beat the Inca Trail in Peru, which is frequented by thousands of visitors every year. This is South America’s most famous trail, winding over 33km through the mountains.


For more ideas, inspiration, and incredible destination recommendations, there’s lots of information online. We love Lonely Planet for tips, articles, and more for hundreds of far-flung and exotic locations. Wherever you’re heading, take sensible precautions with your insurance, equipment and personal safety. It’s also important to make sure you’re aware of the vaccination requirements for your holiday destinations of choice. The London Travel Clinic offers a handy destination guide with medical information for just about anywhere you can think of, and if you’re local you can even book your jabs online to make sure you’re fully protected.