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Top 4 Places to Visit in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital and most populated city in Indonesia, on the island of Java.  The city is a thriving metropolitan area that was founded back in the 4th century.  Today it is a true global city with a balance of culture and city life that makes it a great place to visit.

Travel and accommodation

The main airport for Jakarta is the Soekaro-Hatta Airport, located in the Cengkarent area of the city.  Travellers will arrive at the airport and can then use a variety of public transport systems to access the various areas.  As well as conventional buses and auto rickshaws, there is a bus rapid transit system called the TransJakarta as well as an electrified rail and mass rapid transit system.

Accommodation is as varied as the city itself and you can obtain an idea of the different hotels from Traveloka.  One of the most famous hotels in the city is the Grand Hyatt Jakarta, which has a very central location and all the best modern conveniences of a high quality hotel.


Top places to visit

The National Museum is a must-see spot when you visit Jakarta.  It offers a combination of archaeological, geographical and ethnological history of the city, country and region with the main building known as the Elephant Building due to the impressive statue that dominates it.

The National Gallery of Indonesia is another important spot to visit for culture fans.  It is both a museum and art activity centre that showcases the art history of Indonesia as well as providing education and recreational resources to visitors.  It is close to the National Museum for a combination visit.

There are a number of shopping malls and markets around the city offering a wide variety of goods to suit all tastes.  The Plaza Indonesia is the place to go for designer goods while Pasar Ikan is ideal for those unusual souvenirs and household items.  Blok M is one to visit if you are a shoes and bags fan as well as for quality clothing for men and women.

For a break from the hectic city life, visit Ancol Dreamland, a 24 hour amusement park complete with animal shows, aquarium, an art market and even a golf course.  There is paintballing and wakeboarding as well as gondola trips and even an art academy so no matter what your tastes, the park has something that you will enjoy.

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