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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

At one time, the outdoor space of a house was a garden filled with plants, maybe a bit of grass and a few shrubs.  But the modern home is about more than just traditional garden looks and the outdoor space can be an extension of the indoor space, used for entertaining and other activities.  So how can you make the most of your outdoor space?

Make it adaptable

One of the most popular ideas is not to have a set approach to your outdoor space but instead to make it adaptable to the circumstances.  While having a big, brick built barbecue might be great, it can take up a lot of space.  So instead, why not opt for a portable BBQ that can be rolled out in the summer and then stored in the shed when it isn’t needed?

Likewise, seating doesn’t have to be big, solid wooden benches or formal chairs and table affairs.  Outdoor bean bags are a fantastic, relaxed way to add seating facilities to an outdoor space and can easily be stored when not required.  These bean bags are a long way from the things kids used to have in their bedrooms – large, luxurious and made from tough materials that are suitable for outdoor use, they are the epitome of casual comfort.  They also come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any space.

Make it useful


While an adaptable entertainment area is definitely useful, an outdoor space can also be useful in other ways.  Many of us are into healthy living and eating fresh foods rather than processed ones.  This leads to the desire to try growing our own foods from fruit and vegetables to herbs and salads.  Outdoor areas can be ideal for this kind of project, even if the area is a small one.

Tiered planters are a great idea and come in plenty of shapes and sizes.  This includes wood, painted and even plastic variations and these are perfect for a spot of grow your own.  Add in a few colorful flowers in the different seasons and the planters will make the space both useful and attraction so if you have seats or outdoor bean bags to use in the area, it will give you a nice backdrop.

Make the walls a feature

Finally, if you don’t have much space left after your entertainment facilities are in place but still want to embellish the spot a little, then make use of the walls of the house and of the garden.  Vertical pot racks are one idea while wall art is another way to make the area look different without taking up space.  Even old windows, repainted and cleaned up, can hang on a wall and give the area a sense of expanded space.

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