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The Challenges I Faced While Completing Dissertation during My Trip to Japan

The Challenges I Faced While Completing Dissertation during My Trip to Japan
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Japan is a beautiful country, and one can only dream of going there. I got lucky when my parents decided to take me to japan with them for a trip. The only problem was I had to complete my dissertation around the same time. It was not an easy task, and I faced some major challenges.

This post will give details regarding the challenges faced while completing my dissertation when I was on a trip to Japan. So keep on reading:

Challenges Faced when completing Dissertation on A Trip to Japan

Choosing an Unappropriated Topic:

Coming up with a good dissertation topic is the main challenge of all time. Being a business student, let me tell you that there are many business topics for dissertation to choose from. Students spend at least two years learning about our complex and layered subjects but now are expected to narrow it down to just one topic. 

I have spoken to my seniors regarding how they are managing their dissertation, so I have a fair idea of how to choose a good dissertation topic. It is still a challenge because being on a trip to a place like japan is distracting. Anyways, here are a few ways I determined a good topic for my dissertation:


First of all, I went for a topic that was interesting to me. This means I had to take a look at my course and find a topic that amused me the most. I did feel compelled to choose a safe topic rather than the one I was passionate about like any other student, but I stopped myself. 

From what I know, if an individual chooses a topic that interests them, they are more likely to stay motivated throughout the assignment and are overall more focused and energetic. According to my experience, all of this is true.


The next thing I had to do was choose an original topic. A topic that would be different from the rest. It was not easy to explore an area that was researched upon enough compared to others, but this is where I was also benefiting. Having a unique approach to my dissertation allowed me to produce a distinctive content piece of work and made the writing process easier. 

Lack of Effective Research:

Researching is tough, but when you are on a trip to a place like Japan. So my next challenge was to research effectively while not letting the beauty and infrastructure of japan distract me.

After reading a few tips on the internet, I learned that it is important to balance freedom and structure. I learned that experimentalism is important because it is where I come up with most ideas. I made myself ready to explore any material that was authentic and useful. I used the information from authors with a different approach and presented them as arguments against my topic. 

It was easy to get carried away by ideas every then and now, so I integrated structure and organization. Furthermore, I outlined to help me categorize information and made my own deadlines. 

Time Management:

Time management is an easily overlooked but important skill that helps us survive the dissertation process. (Fleming, 2021). It is this valuable time that I do not have enough because, let us face it, if I am in Japan, I need to make time to enjoy my trip as well. 

There was no way that I would spend my expensive trip entirely working on a dissertation, but if I failed to manage my time, I would probably lose my degree, so I had to think of something quickly.

First things first, I started planning out my day by making a timetable. I broke down my task into smaller ones and decided how much time it would take to complete each one of them. This is because if anyone has a lengthy task at hand, breaking it down will help them complete the assignment quicker (Helpwithdissertation, 2021).

This had to go in alignment with my touring plans, so sometimes I would study in the morning, sometimes afternoon, and sometimes in the evenings. 

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All this time I have stayed in Japan, I have never thought of it as a boring place. I went there with my family, and everything I experienced there was exciting and unique. A trip to Japan may seem like a dream come true, but writing a dissertation became a great distraction.

I wanted to see the anime world countryside and try all the exotic foods, but I also wrote my dissertation while in Japan. The thoughts of being unable to enjoy the trip often clouded my mind, so I started meditating, reminding myself of my purpose for college and the benefits of nailing this dissertation. It helped me minimize internal distractions.

As for external distractions such as the spectacular city site of Tokyo that attracted me like a bee to nectar needed to be taken care of, so whenever I used to study, I would close the curtains and create a sophisticated study environment. My phone will be on the corner of the room, and I will just sit with the study clock and my work supplies.


Honestly, I could not enjoy my trip at its full potential, but I managed to go on this trip and work on my dissertation. My friend did suggest I get someone’s help with dissertation essays such as Genuine Essay Writing Service UK or an advisor so that I would not need to compromise on my trips ever again. Unfortunately, he suggested this to me after I had completed my dissertation.


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Featured Photo by Alex Knight from Pexels