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Signs You Should Pack Your Bags and Go Travelling

Travelling the world is a dream of many men, but it is often a dream that is left unfulfilled for one reason or another. This is such a shame because traveling for an extended period is probably one of the most positively life-changing things you can do. When you travel, especially if you go it alone, you learn more about yourself; your hopes and dreams, the world around you and just what is possible. It’s a great way to truly grow into yourself and become an interesting, confident man.

So, it’s fair to say that time spent traveling is time well spent, but how do you know that it;’s time for you to pack your bags, leave your daily life behind and go traveling for an extended period?

If you’re experiencing the following tell-tale signs, then it’s highly likely that getting the next plane to Bangkok will be  a life-enhancer, rather than a life-ruining disaster:

A Fresh Perspective is Required

If you’ve been dealing with a particular issue or problem for a while now and you just haven’t been able to deal with it because your stuff, your job, your friends and your life have been getting in the way, muddying the waters and making it much more difficult for you take action, or at least to take the right kind of action, chances are travel would be a boon.

When you take the time to get away from all of your responsibilities and the usual drudge of everyday life, you can finally start to really think about your problem. Not only that, but new surroundings and cultures will give you new perspectives from which you look at your problems, and this can really help you to sort out your issues and get back on track.

You Hate Your Job

If you hate your job or even just find it a bit boring and uninspiring, taking some time out to go traveling is unlikely to hurt. Sure, you might be giving up the security of a steady job and taking a leap into the unknown, but if that job isn’t doing anything for you, then do you really want to be stuck in it forever?. Go to Africa or Asia and volunteer to build schools or save endangered wildlife, and although you won’t be materially well off, you’ll be a lot happier, and you’ll get some real insights into what you really want to do with the rest of your life.

It Feels Like There’s Something Missing

If by all outward appearances, you seem to have a pretty good life, but it feels like there is something missing that you can’t quite put your finger on; you have a yearning for something more. Packing your bags and heading off for three months of unadulterated travel might just be the answer, and might just help you work out what your life is lacking.

You Have the Means

Having the means to go traveling isn’t always essential (you can work as you travel) but it is a good indicator that now is the time to go. Of course, having the means doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a huge bank balance – it could mean that you have a credit card ready to pay for your initial flights with, or that instant car title loans are just 3 steps away online and you have a vehicle that should fetch you enough to get started. Sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind and use any means available to catapult you into action and a new adventure. Obviously, you should be confident in your abilities to pay back any debts you do borrow, but now is not the time to put off what you know is right.

You Aren’t Trying to Run Away

If you feel like you want to travel, it’s important that you haven’t come up with this notion as a means to run away from your problems. The fact is, you take your issues with you everywhere you go and if your idea is to outrun your latest breakup or another major issue in your life – trust me it won’t work and your time away is likely to be as miserable as your life at home. So, if you do have any problems, face them now and then, if you still want to travel, you can do so, knowing that you can give yourself over completely to the experience, and thus get a whole lot more out of it.

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Every man should travel at some point in his life, but if you’re experiencing these signs right now, chances are your time to pack your bags and go on an adventure has come.