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Planning a Trip to South Korea: Activities, Locations, and Ideas

Planning a Trip to South Korea: Activities, Locations, and Ideas
Image by yeon woo lee from Pixabay

Since its beginning in 1948, South Korea has been known for its unique traditions and cities, with diverse and captivating views bringing tourists in from everywhere around the world. With more than 51 million inhabitants, South Korea borders the East and the Yellow Sea, allowing for numerous beautiful views in its temperate climate. If you are planning a trip to South Korea, we have provided a list below of activities, locations, and ideas to make your preparation for this trip smooth to this unique country.

1. Visit Seoul.

Seoul, otherwise translated as “capital” in the Korean language, has been the official capital of Korea since 1394- up and through the formal division of the country in 1948. It lies in the middle of the peninsula, adjacent to the Han River. The Han River is the fourth-longest river in the entire county of Korea, running through three provinces and the heart of Seoul. There are numerous activities on the river, including windsurfing, boating, kayaking, and even flyboarding. If water activities are not your preference, there are numerous other ventures to explore in Seoul, including the more than 900 historical palaces and temples throughout South Korea. The Gyeongbokgung Palace is almost as old as the entire country and is a unique Korean architecture display. A ceremony is held every hour in which the royal guard exchanges duty. The Jogyesa Buddhist Temple is another place full of history- built originally in the 14th century. This temple is considered the central place of worship, rituals, ceremonies, and events for the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Each year in May, an annual lantern festival takes place here in honor and celebrates Buddha’s birthday. 

2. Ride the KTX.

The KTX, otherwise known as the Korail is a high-speed railway transportation system that travels to a number of Korean cities, including Seoul, on five different lines. This bullet train travels at an average speed of 305 km/h (or around 187 mph) to get you to any destination you need to go. With coach seating and first-and second-class available a year in advance. Planning a trip in and around South Korea will be easy for you and your loved ones. 

3. Visit Busan.

South Korean beach
Image by ji ae choi from Pixabay

If you enjoy waterside views of the ocean, the buzzing city of Busan is your type of place. Given the title of the second-largest city in Korea, Busan not only contains gorgeous views of the East and Yellow Seas. It is the home of many Buddhist Temples perched delicately within the mountains. Haeundae Beach is a prominent tourist hot spot, especially in the summer months. It hosts many magnificent festivals and street markets nearby. Delicious street food can be sampled at the International Market or Jokbal Golmok, otherwise known as Pig Feet Alley. Seafood bought at the Jaglachi fish market can be brought to one of the local restaurants and cooked for you to create a mouthwatering dish you will not find anywhere else. 

4. Have some family fun at Lotte World.

Located in Seoul, Lotte World holds the world’s largest indoor amusement park title. Spanning 7-hectares, Lotte World comprises five contrasting themed areas, interactive experiences, parades, and thrilling rides to ensure everyone in the family will have fun. A shopping mall, Folk Museum, hotel, and ice rink are also incorporated into this massive structure. Open year-round, planning a trip to this exciting location will be sure to give you a memorable experience. 

So if planning a trip to South Korea is on your travel bucket list, make sure to obtain your travel authorization through South Korean-ETA, an electronic travel authorization required for travel to this wondrous place. Your K-ETA is valid for two years and can be utilized for multiple trips. It will make your trip to this beautiful land more efficient and safer for you and your family or friends.

Featured Image by yeon woo lee from Pixabay