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Luxury Travel for Less

Traveling in luxury is something that many of us want to do, but we never even try because we think it will just be too expensive what with all those luxury hotels, first class flights and first class restaurants. However, there are many affordable ways of traveling in luxury for less:

Travel Out of Season

At the height of summer and other key times of the year, most of the popular luxury resorts raise their prices to the roof, and most of the airlines follow suit. Traveling at low demand times, therefore, can save you a fortune. Of course, you have to be careful because, in low season, the weather may not be quite what you want. One way to compromise is to go in the time between peak and low seasons when you’ll still catch the tail end of the great weather without the huge price tag. You’ll also find that your chosen destination is much less crowded.

Charter a Jet

Yes, really. Most people are shocked when I tell them that it’s possible to charter a jet for less than the cost of business class plane tickets, but thanks to companies like Jettly it really is! You can get affordable flights by tagging along with a pilot who is making a trip to your chosen destination anyway. They make some extra cash, and you get to travel in wonderful luxury for less, making everyone happy.

Travel Off the Beaten Track

It’s easy to spend a week in luxury if you choose to vacation in a less popular place. Instead of staying in Barcelona, pay a visit to Seville, or spend time in Genoa instead of Venice. You’ll still have a great time, see more obscure attractions and beat the crowds as you enjoy a low-cost luxury vacation.

Do Lunch

World class restaurants come with a hefty price tag, but if you’re trying to do the luxury travel thing, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to sample their dishes. Luckily, you don’t have to. What you should do is see if they offer a lunch menu. Lunch is typically more affordable than an evening meal, and it means you won’t have to miss out.


Exchange Rates

Another way you can afford luxury travel on a low budget is by choosing holiday destinations where the exchange rate works in your favor. If you travel to a place like Africa or Thailand where your currency is strong in comparison to the local one, you can live like a king or queen on a sum of money that would barely even cover the cost of a basic hotel room back home.

Early-Bird and Last Minute Deals

Both booking your vacation very early and waiting until the last possible second to book your break can result in huge savings. So, if you have the flexibility to travel whenever, look up a few discount travel websites that offer luxury options and use them to get the best deals around. Just remember to compare costs over several sites before booking, or you could miss out on an even better deal.