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Traveling to Singapore on a Budget

Singapore has always been a staple in every traveller’s must visit bucket list. A seasoned globetrotter would know that it is one of the most flourishing Southeast Asian countries, it has lots of key attractions, it is super clean and safe, and it offers one of the most amazing city-state experiences ever.

But however beautiful a destination is, one of the most common problems will always be the budget. For instance, after purchasing the tickets, the Chubb Travel insurance for Singapore, the proper attire and the luggage, do you have enough cash left to spend during the trip?

While it is true that traveling to Singapore is not cheap, there is still a way for you to go there on a budget and have fun. If you are worried about things like the accommodation or being able to visit the popular attractions, you can stop fretting now. Here is a list of ways in which you can still maximise your Singapore travel without breaking your bank.

Reasonably prices airfare

There is no lack of airfare recently. Go to an airline’s page and you will see them offering discounted tickets to popular destinations, one of which is Singapore. The great thing about this is they are not usually seasonal, meaning you will get your desired travel date for sure. However, if you cannot find a promo, you can always pick budget airlines to Singapore. You will need to do your research for this, though. Look up only trusted budget airlines, create a shortlist, and then compare ticket prices.

Getting an accommodation


One of the tips people tell is never to sacrifice the accommodation even if you are traveling on a budget. This is true, but some people think an accommodation is limited to just hotels. There are other ways to stay in Singapore, and you would not have to splurge on any of those.

If you prefer a hotel, go to their promotions page and see if they are offering a discount deal. You might want to stick to boutique or budget hotels, they still offer luxuries you can find on a 5-star hotel, but they are much cheaper and less grand on the interior. You can also look for BnBs; a popular website to go to is the AirBnB website which will connect you to private property owners who are renting out their place to travelers. Or, you can opt for hostels is you are feeling a bit adventurous.

Commuting in Singapore

This is true for any country: cabs will always be expensive. The great thing about Singapore is their train and bus transportations are completely organised so you there is virtually no reason for you to get lost. Just know your stops and be alert. It will help if you can get yourself a city guide at the airport and familiarise yourself with the different bus and train stops. It can be a fun experience commuting there.

Free attractions and eating local

The oldest trick in the book when it comes to traveling on a budget is eating local and maximising your time in free destinations. Hawker centres are everywhere in Singapore and they serve healthy local cuisine at a very cheap price. Then you can stroll at the many free attractions like Merlin Park, Mount Faber, River Gardens, and Sri Mariamman Temple.

Do not let budget ruin your trip, take note of these tips and you will surely have an amazing Singapore travel.