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Gambling Regulations in Switzerland

Swiss chocolate, watches, banks and cheese have won the recognition of the whole world long ago. Today, this country will win reverence from all gamblers. And it has something to offer to the lovers of excitement.

In Switzerland, lotteries and gambling are governed by the laws of the LCG; RS 935.52 and LLS; RS 935.51. Supervises their compliance with the CFCG (Commissionefederaledellecasedagioco – Federal Commission on gambling houses) and partially by Comlot committee.

In 2013, CFCG came to grips with the regulation of internet games as part of the course to liberalize business on one hand and toughen measures against illegal casinos on the other. Before this, online casino Suisse were completely banned in the internet.

Yet in October 2015, the Federal Council considered and submitted a draft amendment to the law on gambling to the National Council.

Nowadays, online gambling and lottery terminals are regulated by the cantons. In addition, there are plans to create federal and inter-cantonal branches of regulations  to exchange information on organizers. Cash-free games and stakes still do not require a license and are allowed throughout Switzerland.

The amendments should enter into force in March 2017.

But now all the wins, whether in the lottery or in the casino, are exempt from taxes. Previously, this rule was only applied to onsite casinos.

Switzerland’s in-house casinos demanded that the government should block the IP addresses of foreign online casinos. To date, Switzerland does not have the ability to regulate the internet gambling sector. As onsite gambling business is in crisis, local gambling operators have demanded that the government has to take emergency measures against internet casinos.


The Committee for Legal Affairs of the National Council of Switzerland entrusted control over the sector of international internet gambling to the Federal Gambling Commission. The Commission was given the right to issue warnings to online operators, as well as to prosecute gambling companies that violate the rules.

Swiss Internet providers refused to block gambling sites at their own expense, suggesting that land-based casinos take over these costs. The proposal is based on the inefficiency of mass blocking of illegal online casinos, which entails major costs and the deterioration of Internet communications in the country.

Representatives of the Green Party of the National Council of Switzerland are engaged in the development of legislative amendments that will allow international online operators to obtain licenses in Switzerland. Thus, the country will receive additional financial income, and players – a greater choice of legal online casinos. Meanwhile, authorities are considering the possibility of adopting amendments to the gambling law, which will come into force no earlier than in 2019.