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Exploring Amsterdam Without Being ‘That Type’ Of Tourist

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, renowned for its bohemian culture, relaxed herbal laws, and booming tourism trade. For the uninitiated, Amsterdam is a place that tourists go to enjoy the marijuana on offer and sit in cafes. This is a perfectly fine vacation to have, and the city benefits from it greatly as it should. However, that’s not all the city offers. Look behind the surface and you’ll find a city overflowing with culture, artistic merit, beautiful maintenance of its history and education, and some of the most interesting people you can meet.

For those wishing to visit Amsterdam and to see what is has to offer past the emphasis on herbal remedy, this list is for you. Who knows, you might find something you didn’t expect to cherish about this culture. During your first foray from Amsterdam airport to city, you’re probably wondering where to proceed. Amsterdam is positively bustling with potential, so much so it gets to the point that it might feel overwhelming taking your first steps. Never fear, this list is here:


Amsterdam boasts both the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum that features both modern and historical art, as well as some originals of the great art pieces of all time. The Van Gogh museum contains a full history of the great artist, and there’s nowhere you can find a better, encyclopedic knowledge of the man himself than here.

If you’re looking to learn more about the general history of Holland itself, the Rijksmuseum is where you want to be headed. It’s easy to lose your entire trip in the beauty of these buildings though, so be mindful of that.


The public bike rental system is a much-respected feature of the city, for the simple fact that it works incredibly well. Arguably the best way to see Amsterdam, a night ride through the city will help you explore the nooks and crannies of the side streets and maybe come across some cafes or bars you weren’t expecting to find. Doing this alongside a partner is a highly romantic affair, and you’ll be surprised as to why they call Paris the city of love.


A little-known fact is that the Netherlands once occupied Indonesia, and so there’s a wealth of Indonesian cuisine to be found in Amsterdam. If you get bored of eating this, Amsterdam offers a rich variety of seafood, baked goods, and fried foods. That’s something to thank the cannabis culture for preserving in its entirety!

Mingle With The Residents

Thanks to their hefty experience with tourists, Amsterdam locals are amongst some of the most friendly, welcoming people you can meet. Treat them with respect, and they’re sure to reflect it back to you tenfold. Ask them about their local culture and history, and they’re likely to point you in the directions of hidden, amazing places to conduct your vacation. If you let them know the intent of your visit is purely based on an interest in the city, they’re much more likely to help you navigate your intent with ease, wielding tips only a local can give you.

Make the most of this amazing city. You’ll be sure to return.