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Essential Gadgets For A Digital Nomad

Tech gadgets
Photo by Ady TeenagerInRO on Unsplash

Travelling is often romanticized as an adventurous exploration of distant lands and isolated landscapes. Of course, one can also travel to the most hi-tech destinations, like Tokyo, Seoul, or Singapore. Regardless of the final destination, the vast majority of travelers have a list of must-have gadgets they cannot travel without. Read on to find out which are the essential gadgets for a modern digital nomad.

Tech gadgets
Photo by Ady TeenagerInRO on Unsplash

1 Tablet PCs

When travelling, it is important to maximize your luggage allowance and to choose lightweight and multifunctional items. A tablet PC is undoubtedly one of those must-have travel gadgets. With them, you can make phone calls, take pictures, make hotel reservations, find your way around, check restaurant ratings, keep track of your expenses, and watch DVDs, among many other things. One recommended model is of course, the acclaimed iPad. I tend to look for a free iPad game app to pass the time.

2 Mobile phone charger

There are now eco-friendly, lightweight, and incredibly efficient water-based mobile phone charger. This allows you to power your mobile phone even if you are in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, as long as you have access to a water source. All you need to do is remove the tray, fill it with water, re-attach it, connect the device to your mobile phone via its USB port, and wait until the phone is charged. This ingenious essential gadget allows travelers to stay connected anywhere and anytime.

3 GPS goggles

If you often travel to the ski slopes, this gadget will surely catch your attention: GPS goggles. Once switched on, these goggles give you access to crucial real-time data, such as altitude, location, temperature, speed, and distance travelled. Information is displayed via a colorful, unobtrusive, and sleek LCD screen that works as an interactive dashboard. You can also track your routes to later download them to your smartphone or laptop and share your stats with friends. Google maps can be easily uploaded via Windows and Mac-compatible software.

4 Universal power adaptors

Aren’t you tired of carrying around a collection of power adaptors every time you travel abroad? These are cumbersome, take up space, and often end up forgotten in some hotel room in a far-flung location. Traditional universal power adaptors are heavy items, but travel shops have a convenient solution: an ultra slim power adaptor slot. With this gadget, you will be able to power on just about any USB device, thanks to its wide range of interchangeable tips. And as its name indicates, it really is ultra slim and portable.

5 Personal home cinema

This is an ideal gadget for those long evenings spent in a hotel room while you wait for the tropical downpour to subside, or for flights across the globe. Headplay has recently launched its personal home cinema system, consisting of a pair of stylish goggles attached to a multimedia “centre”. This gadget can be connected to any device that has video and audio line out capabilities, including tablet PCs, smartphones, TVs, and videogame consoles. In addition to excellent audio performance, Headplay’s home cinema allows you to watch movies in 3D, and thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, you will have the impression that you are looking at an impressive 52” screen. The best part is that this gadget is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your hand baggage.

6 Essential Gadgets Fly Clear Card

Tired of long queues while you wait to go through airport security? A biometric card is the solution. You only need to waive it at security staff and you will be immediately fast-tracked. Presently, the card is accepted at the major American and European airports.