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Breaking Down the Key Pros and Cons of Medical Tourism

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The medical tourism industry has enormous potential. Thousands of men and women are interested in going to a foreign country to solve their health or cosmetic issues. It is not surprising, as it is a way to skip high medical costs and long waiting lists in their home countries. But is it easy to arrange a trip like this on your own? This article will reveal the main pros and cons of the international medical tourism trend. Let’s see whether it is reasonable to travel to a foreign country to look for qualified medical treatment or if it is better to use a free medical platform like Bookimed at https://us-uk.bookimed.com/

Medical Tourism at Glance

Medical tourism is a popular term we often hear today, but what does it mean exactly? It is a health industry that provides access to different medical treatments in foreign countries. Bookimed provides free assistance to patients from around the world to get the most efficient and affordable medicines and diagnostic investigations. Nowadays, medical tourists prefer traveling abroad to find lower costs or better quality of their treatment. It is a way to access high medical care services while visiting any country for tourism or business purposes.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Health Tourism?

Medical tourism has helped millions of patients receive medical treatment on time, but we can’t deny that it has some disadvantages. You should read them both and make your choice: 

What Are the Key Advantages of International Medical Tourism?

  • It allows patients to get medical treatments much faster and avoid waiting lists in their home countries.
  • It is a way to decrease the cost of medical treatments if patients opt for such countries as Turkey, India, or Thailand, where the prices are lower compared to the USA, Canada, or Western Europe.
  • Many foreign medical facilities cooperate with medical tourism platforms such as Bookimed to allow foreign patients to access 24/7 support during and after the treatment.
  • Foreign medical tourists have a splendid opportunity to explore a new country and new way of living.

What Are the Key Disadvantages of International Medical Tourism?

  • Some medical destinations require extra time to get the needed visas and legal permits. If you want to skip all the corresponding paperwork, which can be pretty time-consuming, use the free services of Bookimed.
  • Patients should understand that your country of destination has its own list of approved medications, supplements, and medical treatments. It frequently occurs that they differ from those in your country of origin. You have to consider this factor in case there are ongoing prescriptions for your recovery period.
  • Foreign language and cultural features can be challenging for medical tourists. Make sure you arrange a trip to a medical facility that assists you with an interpreting service.

How to Start Arranging Your Medical Journey Overseas?

Medical Tourism
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Once you’ve checked all medical tourism’s main pros and cons, planning your medical trip abroad is time. Please keep in mind the following points to make your medical experience positive:

  1. Start with selecting a country where you’d like to get your medical treatment. Bookimed clients leave reviews and personal recommendations about different medical destinations, such as Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, etc., for unique treatments. If you prefer to combine your medical procedure with seaside holidays, Mexico or Thailand are the most suitable options for your project.
  2. As soon as you’ve chosen your final destination, the next step is to pick a hospital holding licenses and international certificates. For your safety, do not forget to read numerous genuine patient reviews, before/after pictures, doctor’s qualifications, and clinics’ success rates on the Bookimed website. 
  3. Once you have verified all the needed information, you can schedule an appointment date. As soon as you receive a confirmation, it is better not to delay arranging your foreign trip.

What Makes Bookimed’s Services Unique?

  • Bookimed has 800+ top medical partners globally. So, a patient can pick the leading clinic for free. 
  • Bookimed has helped 650,000+ international medical patients. 
  • Bookimed is ready to provide 24/7 medical assistance. Customers will not have to worry about any issues while staying in a foreign country.
  • Bookimed services are 100% free. Patients don’t pay for the trip arrangement services, such as choosing a hospital or a surgeon, setting the appointment, booking flights and hotels, supervising the required documents for visas, etc.


Arranging a medical trip overseas can be challenging, especially if a patient has never traveled. For this purpose, it is better to send an online request to medical tourism platforms asking for assistance to ensure the safety and comfort of the upcoming trip. Bookimed is the No.1 Ukrainian medical tourism platform, which assists thousands of international patients in medical treatment arrangements in the top clinics worldwide. The team perfectly knows all the medical sector’s specifics in popular foreign destinations. Bookimed collaborates with reputable clinics where patients can experience fast, safe, affordable medical services.

Featured Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash