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Best Spots for a Digital Nomad in Europe

Best Spots for a Digital Nomad in Europe
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The term “digital nomad” has been around for a while now. Not until the COVID pandemic has many realized that the lifestyle is possible. It means to earn your salary from a computer or a phone; while constantly traveling, and there are thousands of things you can do to make money online. From writing to coding, there are even marketplaces to sell your skills. A digital nomad’s goal should be to find nice places to live that will not break the bank. 

If you are looking to generate passive income while traveling, be sure to read our guide. So here we go. Here are the five best spots in Europe to be a digital nomad: 


A small English-speaking Island just to the south of Italy, Malta has many great advantages for being a digital nomad. With over 300 days a year of sunshine, Malta is a sun-seekers paradise. Moreover, it has terrific nightlife, and with it being so small, everything is nearby. The price of accommodation is reasonable; however, food can be pricey in the supermarkets. Furthermore, it is a very diverse place with people living there from all around the world. There are many digital nomads already living there, so making friends should not be difficult. Many betting companies are set up there, so there is a lot of work; developers, content writers, and even graphic design. An example of one of these companies is VSO. They provide online slots that you can play for free on the site. Additionally, there is information on casino bonuses and reviews on each slot game. 


The capital city of Portugal is a traveler’s dream. With cheap accommodation and excellent food at a great price, what is there not to love? Lisbon also enjoys sunshine all year round, and there are many flights daily. You may need to learn a little Portuguese to get by as most do not speak English, but many digital nomads and ex-pats live there, so your social life should be fun. The locals are very friendly, and the nightlife is legendary. Be sure to check out the Fado music scene when you go, a really great musical experience. 


A mesmerizing country with amazing natural beauty, Montenegro is a beautiful country and is a great destination for a digital nomad. Accommodation is cheap, and there are plenty of things to do. Daniel Craig’s first James Bond film, Casino Royale, was filmed there, which has the same name. It is a glamorous venue. It caters to grand poker rooms, exquisite gaming tables to play blackjack, and hundreds of slot machines. 

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A real gem, the capital city of Bulgaria, there are plenty of reasons why a digital nomad may want to move here. Situated next to the Vitosha mountains, the winter is the best time to visit, taking advantage of hiking and skiing. The accommodation is very cheap with the restaurant food also being inexpensive, meaning you can eat out every day. Additionally, many ex-pats live there as Sofia was the Silicon Valley of the USSR, so there are many Western tech companies with offices. 


The city in Catalonia has been a favorite with digital nomads for years, and you can see why. The accommodation is a little higher than other locations on this list, but the experience the city offers is worth it. There are many things to do, most notably visit Camp Nou to watch the world-famous football team Barcelona FC play. If you go in the summertime, it has some of the best beaches in Europe, not to mention the outstanding cuisine. Many international musicians are playing there, and the nightlife is very exciting. 

So that’s it, a list of the five best places to visit if you are a digital nomad. In all these places on the list, the internet is cheap and reliable, which is a cornerstone of the nomadic lifestyle. These five places will make your Instagram account look terrific, with all having good transport links. So, get your passport and start working and traveling. There has never been a better opportunity than today! 

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