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5 Simple Packing Tips for Men to Avoid Excess Baggage

Excess baggage fees cost a lot and sometimes they can even amount to the price of the flight. So it is important to think practically and plan ahead when packing. Bring only the essentials, leave unnecessary items behind, and organize items inside your luggage. Here are five tips to help you avoid excess baggage fees.

  1. Create a packing list.

Practice creating a list a few days before your trip to prevent you from overpacking. This will give you ample time to rush to stores and to make sure you don’t forget anything, as well as help you trim down your luggage to the essentials.

  1. Buy travel sized bottles.

Bringing full-sized bottles leads to excess charges and unorganized luggage. They take up a lot of weight and room, so people end up having to stuff other items in free spaces. So try buying travel-sized ones that can last you for your whole trip. They are handy, lighter, and a lot cheaper!

  1. Pack dual-purpose garments.

Bring clothes that you can wear from day to night. A white polo would be a great example. This garment can be your cover up when going to the beach, your top for a brunch, and your outfit for a night out. Aside from avoiding excess baggage, this trick will also save you time in getting ready. Try to mix and match clothes, too – a few simple basics can create different outfits that can last your whole trip.

  1. Wear heavy clothes.

Coats and jackets are made of thick fabric and they are comfy, but they also tend to be bulky. Putting them inside your luggage adds weight and takes away space from your bag. Instead, try wearing them on your flight. It will end up being a more comfortable travel experience, and you’ll also end up with lighter luggage.

  1. Use freight services.

There are instances where you cannot avoid bringing excess baggage. Instead of letting the airlines handle it at a cost that’s outside your budget, it’s wiser to send them through a shipping company. Shipping your bags is cheaper in comparison to paying excess baggage fees at the check-in. For example, shipping two 23kg luggage bags from Sydney International Airport to Paris, France would cost you only AU $752.64. This is a far cheaper option compared to being slapped with the AU $3,220 excess baggage fee from Virgin Australia via the same route. Those who travel know that it is just a matter of choosing the right freight service, so look for cheap and trusted businesses like World Baggage.

When packing, try to be as practical as possible. Research, plan ahead and try these tips to reduce extra costs. Do you have other tips to avoid excess baggage fees?