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What Is Alkaline Water and How Do You Prepare It?

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a health-promoting product suitable for daily use. It is not a medicinal product, but its use has certain restrictions and it should be prescribed in accordance with the indications and contraindications. Alkaline water is a natural liquid and it is obtained from eco-friendly sources, but today there are a lot of recipes for its preparation at home. We offer you information about the composition, application, and preparation of this healthy, invigorating drink.

Beneficial Properties of Alkaline Water

The main function of alkaline water is to replenish the reserves of minerals that are so vital to all the processes occurring in the body.

Such a natural drink, when properly used, proves to have an overall amazing effect on the body:

  1. Regulates metabolic processes, including the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins
  2. Accelerates the elimination of metabolic by-products of cells and unhealthy substances
  3. Facilitates digestion of minerals
  4. Blocks inflammatory processes and their spreading
  5. Regulates bowel motility
  6. Decreases activity of the digestive glands, thereby reducing the production of acids
  7. Strengthens the effect of certain medications
  8. Strengthens immune system
  9. Normalizes sugar absorption
  10. Helps to lose weight, get rid of swelling

However, do not rely on the versatility of this product. In most cases alkaline water is not an independent means of treatment: it must be used as a supplement. Therefore, people should not engage in self-medication: they should undergo a full examination in a medical institution and follow the recommendations of their treating doctor.

Alkaline mineral water is known for its ability to help with gout – a serious and hard-to-treat disease where uric acid is deposited in the joints in large quantities and starts forming crystals, which results in severe forms of arthritis and causes a lot of pain. Regular use of this natural product helps to reduce pain and increase intervals between gout attacks. If this illness has not developed into a chronic disease yet, provided the patient also takes appropriate drugs, there is hope for a complete recovery. Patients with advanced stages of gout may need a prescription drug, such as Uloric which treats gout flares and reduces its risk of occurring. If you are looking to buy this medicine in the U.S. or Canada, you can get it from pricepropharma. Get coupon online to obtain an attractive discount on this product.

How to Prepare Alkaline Water

You don’t need to go to the store in order to get some alkaline water. It can be easily prepared at home. The quality of the natural product is always better, of course, but the home option can also be effective.

Drinking water usually has a pH level of 8-9. Sometimes this value can be less, and, in this case, alkalization is required. The first thing to do is to determine the level of acidity of the water you are using. To do this, get special test strips that are usually sold in pharmacies.

You can get water with the required PH characteristics by using a special filter. According to this post on DiligentChef.com, it could be a reverse osmosis system with water mineralization after purification, an expensive multi-functional ionizer, or an inexpensive pitcher water filter. I also find a  ceramic filter water purifier works just as well.

Alkaline water can be prepared without using any special devices. We offer several recipes for the preparation of alkaline water with products you currently have at hand:

  • With soda. This option is suitable only in cases when your body does not have too much sodium. For 40 ml of water use 100 mg of soda. To make alkaline water, mix both ingredients and stir the mixture thoroughly.
  • With soda and salt. Ingredients: soda (2.5 g), salt (2.5 g), water (1 liter), and stir until dissolved.
  • With lemon. Cut a rinsed lemon into 8 pieces and place it in the container with water. Steep it at room temperature for 12 hours.
  • With eggshell. Remove the egg white and the inside film and leave just the eggshell. Grind it and pour pure drinking water over it for one day. This water is calcareous, very rich in calcium.
  • Without additives, thawed water. It is the best option for the human body. For its preparation, pour purified water in the container and freeze it until there is a thin crust on the ice. Afterward, make a hole in the ice and pour water into another container, and put it in the freezer again. It takes more time for the liquid to freeze to 3/4. Dump the water that has not got frozen, and thaw the remaining ice at room temperature. This method of purification provides invigorating soft alkaline moisture.

Rules to Use Alkaline Water

If you are experiencing health problems, the use of bicarbonate water should be approved by your treating physician who should run tests to determine the level of acidity of your body.

There are also generally accepted rules to using alkaline mineral water. They are as follows:

  1. The product is used both for the treatment of existing health issues (slightly heated water) and for illness prevention (water at room temperature).
  2. The daily norm is 3 ml per 1 kg of your body weight.
  3. The regimen provides for a gradual increase of the dosage, starting with small doses.
  4. As a preventative drug, use it in the mornings 30 minutes before breakfast.
  5. For treatment of gastritis, accompanied by increased synthesis of gastric juice or reduced acidity, drink alkaline water 1.5 hours prior to having a meal.
  6. For treatment of ulcers drink this water after a meal.
  7. With excess gastric juice, they recommend drinking alkaline water with the meal.
  8. Healthy ingredients are absorbed better if consumed slowly, sip by sip.
  9. If there is no positive effect, and your condition worsens, you should stop drinking water and see your doctor right away.

In some cases, they offer external use of alkaline mineral water – in the form of a bath. Such procedures are usually performed in health-treatment resorts.

Alkaline water is a natural product powerful enough to regulate digestion, improve a person’s health and working capacity due to normalization of the PH level of the body without side effects. Keep in mind that sweet bubbly drinks have the opposite effect. They acidify the body, so you should switch to drinking pure, alkaline water.

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