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5 Best Places for Solo Trips in Thailand

Not everybody travels in family. In fact, some like to travel solo. And, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, sometimes the experience is unique when you’re alone. If you are considering Thailand for your next solo trip, here are the 5 best places you can go.

  1. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, and is the place where you’ll likely arrive to and leave from Thailand. Backpackers and tourists are constantly coming in and out. It is the heart of Southeast Asia, and may seem like a place without much to offer, but the reality is very different.

Don’t get scared by the traffic, smells, or noise, and take time to discover the Thai culture – the temples, palaces, the food, the street food, museums, markets, muay thai… there is an amazing amount to see and do if you look for it.

  1. Phuket offers tons of great solo activities. Snorkeling, biking, and boat tours are all available.

Villa Sanyanga is a luxury villa in Phuket. It’s nice to treat yourself once in a while, and this would be the way to go. It has been called ‘’Heaven on a Hill’’ and not only has fantastic views, but easy transportation and good service.

You can also find spas, see the Great Buddha, or just enjoy the beach. Make a visit to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project or head over to the Naka Market to get some food.

  1. Chaing Mai. The ancient city of Chiang Mai is a great place to start a journey in the north of Thailand. From there many excursions are organized. There are courses on meditation, massage, Thai cooking, and muay thai. At night, the market is open and you can look for clothing and souvenirs to give to your friends at home.


If you like, you can rent a motorcycle and that can be a perfect way to see the city and the surrounding area or head to the Doi Inthanon Park.

  1. National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. If you are more than just a beach person, Thailand has a lot waiting for you. There are tons of natural parks with jungle and an incredible amount of plant and animal life. You can raft, hike, ride an elephant, and explore caves and waterfalls, lakes, and more. Some of the most famous parks are Khao Yai, which is three hours from Bangkok, Khao Sok, which is to the south, and, as we mentioned, Doi Inthanon, which has the highest mountain in all of Thailand.
  2. The Islands. You also can’t miss the islands. The entire south part of the country is full of islands. Some of these are full of tourists and luxury hotels, and others are very natural still. Some really beautiful ones include Ko Change, Ko Tao, Ko Maak, Ko Phi Phi, and Ko Samet. The biggest one is Koh Samui.

There are hundreds of other places to visit on your solo trip to Thailand, but these are the ones that you just can’t miss!