Home Tech & Gear Title: A FatCow Hosting Review

Title: A FatCow Hosting Review

It’s essential to choose your web host according to the uptime, speed, control panel features, support, and low prices. FatCow hosting has some great features for you to consider.



FatCow doesn’t provide any clue about their uptime. But, according to different records, FatCow’s uptime can be up to 100%. This percentage was measured over a period of 30 days. According to many users and customers, sites load quickly without any trouble. A response time chart shows that when a server goes down, another one takes its place immediately.

Data Center:

FatCow’s data center is located in Boston with 800 servers. The facility is well-secured and the servers are protected with 2 firewalls.

Special Offers:

Unlimited services, unlimited space, bandwidth, add-ons, and email accounts. You even get a bonus $100 Adwords Voucher for signing up. Also, you get a $50 Facebook ad credit, free Yellowpages listing, and WordPress Blogging.

Short-Term Pricing Plans:

It’s probably the best FatCow web hosting advantage ever. They have a single webhosting plan, the Original FatCow Plan, that comes with unlimited everything. You can get a huge discount if you sign up for a year. This is built under their short-term pricing plans. Having a single plan with everything unlimited in it is brilliant. This saves you the confusion when you look at different pricing plans other web hosting sites offer.

The Original FatCow plan is $49.90/year. That’s an initial discount; because if you are going to renew that plan, it’ll cost you $155.40 per year thereafter.

If your budget is limited and you want a short-term hosting plan for less than $49.90 per year, FatCow has different solutions for you.

Daily Backups:

It’s another important feature FatCow offers. They offer backing up your data on daily basis. This is actually important, because, as a website owner, there are lots of different things considered sensitive and malware attacks are commonplace on websites. Being protected is vital.

Other hosting services such as HostGator provide free occasional backups. While others, such as Web Hosting Hub, actually charge you for frequent backups.


Long-Term Pricing:

It’s expensive. It costs $15.40 per year, or $10.95 per month. These two options are much higher than their competitors like HostGator which renews for $6.95 per month, and We Hosting Hub which renews for $8.99 per month.

WordPress Hosting Plan:

FatCow recently launched a new special plan for hosting WordPress sites. This is actually confusing because WordPress can work on any Linux based hosting platform. So, these entire plans are just upsells with renamed benefits.

It’s also confusing how many of the promised features are not true. There are no pre-installed plug-ins. You need to install them yourself. Another false promise is that they installed the W3 Total Cache plug-in which doesn’t make your WordPress sites run faster. Super Cache is a better choice.

FatCow hosting Customer support:

It’s hard to tell. But a great deal of customers reported negative experiences, while some reported positive ones.