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Tips for Choosing a Small Business Phone System

Tips for Choosing a Small Business Phone System
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Whether you have a small or large Florida business, you need a reliable, low-cost way to communicate with your customers. There are different types of virtual phone systems for small business, from traditional lines to VoIP and PBX cloud services, and innumerable options, such as voicemail, call forwarding, and voice-to-text voicemail options.

You should investigate different varieties of telephone systems for businesses and orientate which one is more necessary for your business and what kind of system can satisfy your business’s needs. Hosted phone systems contain many advantages for businesses: they are cost-effective, flexible, they provide high-quality communication for your employees, and are easy to use.   

Compare Costs

After you have outlined your needs, your first step will be to search for local phone services, such as Florida business phone services. To maximize profits, businesses search for ways to cut costs. Cutting the price of regular operating costs benefits you every single month. However, you should also evaluate the initial setup expenses, including any equipment you will need to purchase.

Return on investment
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Next, you should consider the call price. For example, some services offer a base price for all calls, no matter where you call and where you are when you call. Therefore, international calls do not cost any more than local or long-distance calls.

Learn about the features, such as call transferring and converting voicemail to text and emailing it to you. Some phone services in Florida offer these features at no additional cost, while others charge for each tool you add to your plan.

You may also review the indirect cost savings, such as increased productivity and reduced office space offered by some services. Finally, compare data transfer costs, which have dropped significantly, and traditional versus internet speeds, which have increased significantly.

Easily Scalable

If you are experiencing or plan to experience rapid business growth, investigate how easy it will be to scale up your phone system. Some Florida phone systems require additional equipment and professional installation, while others allow you to add or remove employees quickly without outside help or additional equipment.

Installation and Maintenance

Traditional phone services have to be installed by professionals, which requires scheduling. VoIP systems are typically plug-and-play systems that can be installed by anyone within your organization. They also offer customer service and technical support that can walk your IT department through this installation.

Equipment and computer systems require maintenance. Be sure to evaluate these costs before signing your contract.


At its inception, VoIP calls would drop unexpectedly and had poor quality. However, today’s services do not experience these challenges. If you have a fast, stable connection, your calls should be clear. A Virtual PBX system, visit:  http://www.kall8.com/Cloud-based-phone-system gives you access to time-saving features and powerful analytics capabilities.

As you discuss your quality needs with your prospective phone companies in Florida, ask about background noise, echoing, and lag times. You may also use advanced audio compression tools and noise-canceling microphones to improve call quality.

Portability and Flexibility

Portable phone system
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Do you need a communication system that is portable and can be used no matter where you are or are you and your employees stable? Do you or your employees travel or work outside your Florida office often? VoIP services allow you to use your smartphones, tablets, and other computer systems to make and receive calls on the same number from anywhere as long as you have a data connection. While traditional landlines may be forwarded to a mobile phone.

What type of flexibility does the service offer, and what do you need? For example, do you need to call redirection, multitasking or voice-to-text conversion capabilities? For a mobile workforce, remote access to phone services is a priority.

Better Security

Your computer systems’ security protocols are regularly updated to protect your company, employee, and customer data. However, you, like many others, may not consider how secure your phone system is. However, if you think of everything that is discussed over the phone, security should be a top priority. Look for an encrypted system that allows you to identify your caller. Investigate systems also allow you to track internal and external suspicious calling behavior.

Don’t settle for the same old phone system. With a little research, you can reduce your costs while improving your Florida company’s call quality, security and flexibility.

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay