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Shavette vs Safety Razor: What’s the Difference?

Shavette vs Safety Razor: What's the Difference?
Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Shaving is a necessity for both men and women. You have to shave at least once a week to maintain your clean look, but there are times when you’ll find shaving more boring than usual. 

Perhaps you need to change your blades, but you’ve probably done that a couple of times already. Maybe a different brand will have much better razors, but the difference is often negligible. The point is, you have to go for a huge change. That’s when Shavette comes in. 

Unfortunately, Shavettes does not get as much attention as safety razors do, so it’s quite challenging to gather information about Shavette, even on the internet.

You probably just heard of the term Shavette from your barber. With no idea what a Shavette is, it’s hard to find a reason why you should use it. 

Below are five of the most significant differences between a Shavette and a safety razor: 

1. Preciseness 

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Since you’ve been using a safety razor until now, you must already know a lot about safety razors and their uses. For starters, safety razors provide a safer and less risky shaving by enclosing the blade with the razor. That way, your skin doesn’t directly touch the edge. 

On the other hand, a Shavette helps barbers with haircuts that involve razor cuts. As such, a Shavette is much more precise than a safety razor. After all, barbers won’t be able to shape hairlines easily if their tool is not precise. 

Also, Shavettes come in different qualities. In other words, some are more precise than others. And that’s why you have to get your Shavette from a reliable brand. You can start with the collection of Shavettes at shavingtime.co.uk if you want to have multiple options. 

2. Ease of Use and Risks 

Shaving with a safety razor
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As long as you have a functioning hand, you can use safety razors to shave safely. After all, it’s called safety razors because they’re safe, but that does not eliminate the possibility of cutting yourself. On the other hand, Shavettes are riskier. 

It may look easy when watching barbers use shaving tools like Shavette, but that’s only because they already have much experience. Hence, using a Shavette is no challenge to them, but the same can’t be said to you. 

If you use a Shavette without considering the consequences, you most likely will regret it as you injure your face, so you ought to be careful with a Shavette at hand. 

Using a Shavette to shave will take much longer than when you use a safety razor on top of the risks and difficulty. As such, safety razors are more suitable for quick shaves. 

Shavettes take a lot of practice to master, but once you get used to it, you can look badass while shaving. Also, take note that when using a Shavette, shaving soap is necessary. Not only will it result in a cleaner look, but it’ll also lower the chances of injuries. 

3. Maintenance 

After shaving, a decent amount of surface lather is left in a safety razor, which may accumulate, and the chemicals may cause the razor to rust. For that reason, regularly washing your shaving tools is essential, hence why safety razors are popular. 

Safety razors consist of a blade holder. By disassembling this tool, you can dispose of the safety blade and replace it with a new one, resulting in a sanitary shaving process. Experts recommend changing the blades every week. 

Similarly, a Shavette has a handle that houses the razor blade. But instead of safety blades, Shavettes use disposable blades. And this time, instead of replacing the blade once a week, you need to replace it twice a week. 

Simply put, safety razors are easier to maintain since you only have to replace the blade once a week, while with a Shavette, you need two disposable blades per week. The good news is you don’t have to sharpen the blade when using a Shavette. 

Razor and blade
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4. Price and Expenses 

There’s not much difference between the price of a Shavette and a safety razor. You can get a cheap safety razor for around $20, and this price can go up to $150 for high-quality products. Meanwhile, a Shavette’s cost can range from $25 to $200. 

Unlike a straight razor, you don’t need to sharpen the blade of a Shavette or a safety razor. This will allow you to save more money in the long run.

Speaking of blades, between safety and disposable blades, the latter is cheaper. You can get ten disposable blades for a dollar, which is twice as many safety blades you’ll get with the same price. Plus, disposable blades are more accessible than safety blades. 

5. Results 

Lastly, using a Shavette will give you a different result from when you use a safety razor. For starters, using a safety razor often results in a smooth shave, while a Shavette will lead to different results. And you can get a smooth shave as well as long as you get used to it. 

Being a master at using a Shavette often leads to a lot of benefits. At first, you may cut yourself, which leads to bleeding, but after a while, you’ll have more options to choose from since you can easily replace the disposable blades. You can even use multiple blades for a more even shave. 

Either way, shaving will help a lot, whether it’s to look sharp for a job interview or just to feel comfortable while doing your daily routine. 

Wrapping Up 

Most people compare Shavette and safety razors to determine which is better. Perhaps that’s also your goal for reading this article. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a definite answer to that.  

After all, both are useful in different situations. One excels in preciseness while the other provides safety. Your best bet is to have one of each just so you don’t get bored quickly when shaving.

Featured Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels