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Step Up Your Mobile Game with Infinitive at Walgreens  

Stylish and functional. Oh and affordable. What a steal!


I was asked to participate in the #InfinitiveAtWalgreens campaign, sponsored by Infinitive at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

As both a businessman and avid traveler, mobile accessories hold extreme importance to my everyday life. Mobile technology allows you to have an efficient and productive day – whether you are communicating with your team and clients in a café or in an island somewhere in Asia. Unfortunately, technology is only as good as its power source, that’s why having reliable mobile accessories that extend your battery life and phone’s functions can be just as important as the phone itself.

Understanding this, I am always on the lookout for functional and stylish tech that can help me step up my mobile game. Recently, I’ve been contacted by Walgreens to checkout Infinitive, the new mobile accessory, electronics and memory brand available exclusively at Walgreens. Apparently, the brand offers over 100 products that are about 20-25% more affordable than known brands, but have been tested and certified by Apple and works just as well as leading brands.

Piquing my interest, I rushed to a Walgreens as I had to see this for myself. As promised, it hits the sweet spot when it comes to the price tag, and their expansive range of products had me ogling like a kid on Christmas morning. There were flash memory cards, power banks, cables, phone mounts, and even selfie sticks and tripods. I couldn’t make up mind so I ended up getting the whole lot. Trust me, for the price – you wouldn’t even think twice about hoarding their products.

Here are the stuff that I got a hold of.

infinitive 6

  • Powerbank:
    • Up to 2.5x full charge
    • Rechargeable battery
    • 3600 mAH
  • 10ft braided cable:
    • Durable & longer than any other brand (same value as a 3ft plastic cable in any other national brand).
  • Flash memory cards:
    • Walgreens has a long-standing history for being a trusted retailer for photos, now expanding into storage.
    • For digital cameras and PC and Mac Computers
  • Car Vent Phone Mount:
    • Firmly secures any smartphone to a car vent
  • Car Windshield Phone Mount:
    • Fits most smartphones
    • 360 degree ball head swivel
  • Smartphone Selfie Stick:
    • Built in shutter release
    • 30” extension
    • Compatible with Android, Windows, & IOS smartphones
  • Compact Tripod:
    • Perfect for taking your family holiday photos

The experience.  

While all the products turned out incredibly well despite the price, I was most impressed by the powerbank. One of the biggest challenges of being on the road all the time is keeping up with my staff. Because they are in different timezones, I ALWAYS have to be online. Recently, on a roadtrip in Columbia, one of my employees messaged me about my website being down. In the middle of the call, guess what came – the dreaded beep that indicated that my battery was running low. Thankfully, I had my Infinitive powerbank with me. What a lifesaver! It allowed me to talk to my staff in no time, letting me enjoy my trip with some peace of mind.

infinitive 4

The verdict?

Infinitive is the way to go when it comes to mobile accessories that stretch out your phone’s capabilities. It is affordable, reliable, and so far – pretty darn awesome. I intend to get this for my friends and family as a Christmas gift. After all, we are all heavily dependent on our mobile devices now.

Here are a couple of tips!

Don’t miss out on Walgreen’s Infinitive Black Friday deal! On November 26, you can buy 3 Infinitive products to get a $5 gift certificate to Walgreens.  That’s a pretty good bargain! Another thing, check out #InfinitiveAtWalgreens on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to check out what other tech lovers are saying about these products!