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4 Mondern Comforts Your Home Needs

A house is not a home until it has the perfect finishing touches. It’s the personal tidbits you add that give your residence its comfort. Simply stated, there are some creature comforts of modern life that your residence has to have. Here are four modern things your home needs.


Technology trumps all when it comes to your daily life. Internet-enabled smart devices can communicate with one another, and you can send messages to them as well. That means you can check the temperature of your oven on your smart phone, you can turn down the lights with your tablet, and you can update your grocery list on your voice-activated Amazon Echo.

If none of that seems like something you need, there’s still a device you want. The Nest Thermostat controls the temperature of your home by learning user behavior. It’ll save you a fortune over the years while keeping your home at the perfect temperature.

Theater Room

High-tech televisions and big screen projectors are more affordable than ever. Combined with stadium seating, these items add a luxury hosting area to your home. The furniture for theater rooms is modular, so you can add as many seats as you need for hosting duties. Plus, you have your choice of spectacular WiFi-enabled smart televisions that can play any television series or movie you love through apps such as Vudu, Hulu, and Netflix. Your theater room will be the reason your friends always want to hang out at your place.

Perfect Mattress

People don’t think about it much, but you spend more time on your bed than anywhere else. At your office, you’re not always at your desk. At home, you move from the kitchen to the dining room to the den. When you’re asleep, however, you’re relatively immobile. Assuming you get eight hours of sleep, that’s a third of your day spent in your bed. You owe it to yourself to sleep on the perfect mattress.

Determining which bed is right for you isn’t easy. You’ll want to read mattress reviews to learn more about the best sleep options. That’s the only way to make an informed decision about the place where you’ll spend a third of the time over the next several years.

Exercise Room

In the digital era, more consumers are aware of the long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The best way to maximize your quality of life is to work out frequently. That’s easier than ever since scientists are perfecting exercise equipment.

Your modern home needs a basic set of weights plus a treadmill and jump rope to cover the basics. You should also have a television in the room in case you want to work out on a video game console or with an app such as Daily Burn. Finally, consider something unusual that will add personality to your home such as a rock climbing area on your wall and ceiling.

Personalizing your house with modern conveniences is the best way to make it feel like home. Follow the suggestions above to become the envy of your friends while feeling more comfortable on a daily basis.

Image via Flickr by BitBoy