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Reputable Antivirus for Android

Keeping your Android device, either phone or tablet, protected is very important in this day and age. With the amount of smartphone users increasing year after year, the need for the proper protection is demanded. Finding a reliable antivirus or Ransomware protection might seem like a daunting task, but in reality, their are many great options available to you. A good example for reputable antivirus is AVG. With over 25 years of experience in producing antivirus, discover why this app has over 100 million downloads on Google Play below.

Affordable Protection

When it comes to protecting your smartphone or tablet, some antivirus options may cost quite a bit of money. The AVG app is a free antivirus app that offers a wide variety of cyber security features. Some of the features are only available to you with the upgrade to the Pro version, however you can easily get the protection you need with the free version to begin with. If you are interested in seeing what the Pro version has to offer, AVG generously makes all of its features available to you and offers a free 30-day trial from the day of downloading.

Always Protected

From the moment you download this top app antivirus software, your device is protected. The AVG app starts running silently in the background to help keep viruses, malware, and even spyware from taking over your phone. It will help you to avoid downloading unsafe apps that could do harm to your device, and also blocks unwanted callers from getting through. There are many faulty apps, links, and emails that circulate from deceptive hackers. To an untrained eye it is very difficult to avoid these traps making millions of people susceptible to outside threats. Getting the right mobile security protection provides you with the support you need to fight off the many threats and traps out there.

Antivirus for Android Many Features

There are many different features available on the AVG app that can help you keep your information safe from prying eyes. One option the pro edition offers is a feature called camera trap. If someone unsuccessfully attempts to gain access to your phone three times, it will snap a photo of the person and email it to you. There is also an option to lock your phone from anywhere by accessing the site on a different device, which makes it impossible for someone else to gain access of your device in the case it was stolen or misplaced.

AVG app is the best Antivirus for Android protection you can find for your Android tablet or smartphone. Start protecting your phone from those prying eyes or from devastating destruction by adding it to your app downloads. It is always recommended to have backup in the case you fall into a malicious hacker’s trap.