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The Pillow Guy Challenge: Step Up Your Bedroom Game

Pillow Guy Founder Isaac Scharf
Isaac Scharf

New Men’s Bedding Brand “Pillow Guy” Introduces “Masculinens”

Founded in California by Isaac Scharf, a bedding industry veteran, the company aims to differentiate itself through quality and simplicity.

Though Pillow Guy is encouraging men to prioritize excellence, the company understands that time remains a barrier. Even men who value a good night’s rest — especially men who value a good night’s rest — don’t want to devote valuable mental energy to researching all the styles and options.

Pillow Guy Launch

That’s why Pillow Guy makes the process quick and easy: It asks the customer three simple questions about their sleeping habits and, based upon those answers, supplies a full bedding bundle perfect for anyone. That’s all there is to it.

“three simple questions about their sleeping habits”

Naturally, pillows are the company’s signature product. And you won’t find any better at these prices. The firmness recommendation varies depending upon whether the customer is a back, side, or stomach sleeper, but Pillow Guy has literally put its name on pillows sure to offer an incredible night of sleep.

Despite the brand name, the company makes much more than just pillows. Its “All-Season” comforter is filled with the same 100% RDS Goose Down as the Pillows, so its perfect for people and friendly to animals. That top-rated down comes inside a baffle-box construction that ensures there will be no shifting or lumps whether it’s used in the winter, spring, summer, or fall. (A polygelfiber fill option is available for hypoallergenic loftiness and softness and their vegan friendly customer.)

In its “Masculinen” collection, Pillow Guy offers “Cool & Crisp” sheets made from 100% cotton “percale.” or “Soft & Smooth” made from 100% 600TC Lenzing Tencel, giving guys their cake and letting them eat it too.

 he is urging everyone to “get their sheet together.”

In all its products, Pillow Guy is devoted to showing why the days of men sleeping like boys are over, says Scharf. Given that everyone spends around one-third of their life in bed — four months out of every year — he is urging everyone to “get their sheet together.” With such an easy process and top-tier quality at a fair price, any guy can become a Pillow Guy.

Pillow Guy Official Launch Video from Pillow Guy on Vimeo.