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8 Reasons Why You Should Include Video in Your Content Marketing

Video in Your Content Marketing
Image by Thom Sibent from Pixabay

Reasons Why You Should Include Video in Your Content Marketing

What draws the audience’s attention more: text, images, or video? The statistics are unanimous and show that it is the image and the video that dominates the text. Until a few years ago, the Internet was only a form of entertainment based on simple games and work tools used to create documents. Today its potential is so great that virtually everyone can find what they are looking for. Include video in your content marketing to attract and keep your viewers. 

Video in Your Content Marketing
Image by Thom Sibent from Pixabay

Create a video strategy

To start working in this area, it is worth realizing that just like content marketing, It’s not about posting one random entry on a blog. These can be long videos rich in content and specialist knowledge, or a short advertising spot presenting the company’s offerings or its activities. Video marketing has enormous potential, and how you use it depends only on you. One thing is certain; video marketing strategy should also involve well-thought-out and planned activities that use video to communicate with the audience. The leading video marketing agency can help you create a video strategy that will best fit your business.

Like any visual content, video evokes specific emotions in the audience, which cannot always be conveyed by text alone. What’s more, Internet users’ attention span is decreasing, and it is simply more challenging for them to focus on the written word. The online world is making them accustomed to visual communication, including video communication. 

Video Has Been a Powerhouse for a Long While

Everyone knows that YouTube is currently the largest and most popular website with videos, not to mention more to come. Statistics show that the audience spends an average of 40 minutes per session on YouTube, which is impressive. As much as 70% of visits to YouTube come from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Computers and TV sets are responsible for the remaining 30%. 

A Large Dose of Entertainment

Video will help you present yourself from a completely different angle. Online videos give products or services a human face, which is a significant advantage over the rest of the marketing contentWhen people appear in a video, they will inspire more trust among viewers than hundreds of written opinions. Customers need security and confidence to make their final purchasing decision. Trust in a product or brand is a crucial element. Create topics related to your business and introduce them to the videos with a large dose of humor. It will certainly increase your fan base.

More Content in Less Time

Society now values ​​the convenience and speed of assimilating information. Most of the Internet users do not like long texts, boring them after a few sentences. Within 30 seconds, a video can convey the same content as pages of text. This shows how much time one can save the audience and thus convey all the information needed. 

Video Content Marketing
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Video is the Future of Marketing Communication

We also clearly see that the younger the respondents, the greater the popularity of video and social content at the expense of good, honest email. The vocabulary used in some industries is complicated, so in some cases, it is better to use a video than the written word. It is easier to illustrate the mower’s tutorial than describing it. The audience will easily remember showing the practical use of certain devices for a longer time. 

These short videos can be used to introduce and explain products that are downright complex and highly specific to a certain niche, like SaaS and technology-related software and similar products. You can collaborate with the best SaaS explainer video companies to get a short but highly shareable video to reach a wide audience.

Video Types Varied to Win the Hearts of Audiences

Everyone can easily enter the world of video, as it has no practical requirements or limitations. In this regard, it is worth taking advantage of the possibilities offered by varied video types.

  • Tutorial videos
  • Video blogs
  • Online webinars
  • Opinions and Testimonials
  • Online lecture
  • Movie comic

Various videos satisfy both consumers who prefer the abbreviated version of the information and prefer to explore the topic more carefully. Ways of choosing video types are evolving like different promotion channels.

Free Video Editing Programs Make It Accessible to All

We do not always need a professional film crew and professional editors to create exciting video material that will help promote products, services, or brands. If you don’t know how to edit your raw materials, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the assembly tools that are available from your tablet or smartphone. 

MiniTool MovieMaker is one of those applications that allows you to edit a simple video quickly and quite comfortably. Such free tools are just right for marketers who need to assemble something for specific purposes quickly. Working with them is often time-saving and convenient!

Video in Email Improves CTRs

There are thousands of emails with offers that end up in the trash inboxes per day, but have you wondered what the reason is? The emails are not interesting, monotonous, boring, and cannot properly convey the intended content. You will stand out; you will surprise with something innovative and unusual. By placing a video in your email, you can count on increased interest from your subscriber and thus the click-through rates (CTRs). 

Customer Habits

Reading a text requires a lot of commitment and concentration. We need to follow individual letters, stimulate the imagination, and interpret the meaning of sentences. Our mind works a lot during such activity and gets tired quickly. Video materials do not require an active approach from us. It is enough for us to observe the painting passively. 

Some people are convinced by the argument that they will not have to do anything to acquire a given area of ​​knowledge, especially in some industries where the vocabulary describing services or products is difficult and specific.

Conclusion | Video in Your Content Marketing

It is necessary to consider the characteristics of our target audience. It’s worth betting on funny elements and a youthful language. If, on the other hand, we direct our offer to mature and educated people, the text will be an effective form of communication. Still, a well-edited and thought-out video proves to be a necessity. Are these reasons exhausting the topic? Certainly not, but this is enough to consider how to enrich your content marketing with videos seriously.