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The Top 8 Most Popular Forex Traders on YouTube

8 Most Watched Forex Traders on YouTube
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8 Most watched forex traders on YouTube 

YouTube is home to all content, from vloggers and beauty gurus to gamers and toy collectors. But one genre that seems particularly popular on the platform is forex trading. In fact, dozens of traders have built sizable audiences by giving insights into their trading strategies and sharing tips on making money in the markets. So if you’re looking for forex inspiration or want to learn more about the world of foreign exchange trading, check out these eight most-watched forex traders on YouTube. 

The Trading Channel – 1.76M subscribers

Steven Hart is a great mentor to follow if you want to start forex trading. He’s been trading since 2014 and uses his YouTube channel to teach others about the market. He’s helped develop thousands of careers in forex throughout the globe and has 100+ videos available for free on YouTube. So if you want to gain more knowledge right now, he’s a great resource to follow. 

Rayner Teo – 1.62M subscribers

Rayner Teo is an independent trader and the brains behind the trading website TradingwithRayner. You can trust Rayner to steer you clear of making rookie trading errors. He believes it’s wiser to protect what you have than seek out uncertain gains.

With his calm yet persuasive voice and comprehensive knowledge of forex trading indicators, he is one of a kind! With over 30 million views on YouTube alone, it’s easy to see why people love watching him trade.

Check out this channel, where they discuss everything related directly from an informed perspective.

Warrior Trading – 991K subscribers

With over 50 million views, Ross Cameron is one of the most popular FX YouTubers. His channel has an excellent reputation among day traders because he posts high-quality information frequently. His channel is successful because he can communicate complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Ross is also entertaining and engaging, making the videos enjoyable to watch. Whether a beginner or an experienced trader, you can learn a lot from Ross Cameron’s YouTube channel.

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The Moving Average – 440K subscribers

Arty Bryja is a forex day trading coach who provides educational content and lessons on the subject. He covers everything from developing consistent techniques to risk management.

He also provides educational content and lessons on day trading, so you can learn how to trade like a pro! In each video, Arty breaks down complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way, providing viewers with the tools they need to become successful day traders. In addition to his knowledge of the forex market, Arty is also a fun and engaging presenter, making his videos enjoyable to watch and informative. 

Karen Foo- 382K subscribers

Karen Foo is a top-rated trader from Singapore. Her guidance has helped investors and traders throughout the globe make money. In addition, she is an author and a sought-after speaker for trade and financial events, so you can be certain that the information in her videos is sound and thought-provoking. Karen focuses on making trading fun, engaging, and understandable for everyone. With years of experience in the industry, Karen has a wealth of knowledge to share, and she does so in a way that is relatable and easy to follow. Karen Foo is a great pick if you need assistance navigating the financial markets.

UKspreadbetting – 359K subscribers

Mark’s channel is an excellent resource if you’re interested in forex trading. He provides clear and concise explanations of different trading strategies and helps viewers to understand the basics of how the foreign exchange market works. He also covers advanced topics, such as risk management and technical analysis. As a result, his channel is a valuable resource for beginners and experienced traders. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and informative introduction to forex trading, then be sure to check out Mark’s channel.

ForexSignals TV – 355K subscribers

Andrew Lockwood is a skilled trader with more than 30 years of experience! He began as a pit trader but now trades from the comfort of his home. In addition to drawing on his extensive background in the field, Andrew also employs cutting-edge technical and fundamental analysis techniques. Using ForexSignals TV, he teaches the critical areas to help traders become successful.

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TraderNick- 331K subscribers

Nick is a competent trader and entrepreneur, and he has achieved great success in the forex market by using his expertise in computer science and the development of trading tools.

You can learn a lot from TraderNick on how to put various tactics, such as price action trading, into practice. In addition, there are tutorials devoted to different currency pairings and how to trade them effectively. Nick’s channel is one of the best on YouTube for learning about forex chart patterns.

Bottom Line

Forex trading can be lucrative, but it is important to learn from those who have found success in the market. By watching these YouTubers, you can gain insights into their trade and what techniques work best for you. Remember to always do your research before entering into any forex trade. Start with the basics of FX trading and then explore the strategies used by these successful traders. 

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