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Get the Best Windows 10 Experience with These Tools

I am impressed by the rate at which technology is advancing. Just when one starts thinking they’ve seen it all in curving phones, smart watches, high-power core processors and touchscreen laptops; a new invention shoots up. This time, I bring you the wonderful SSD storage that is fast replacing the [now-traditional] HDD storage type on computers. This will surely excite you!

SSD expands to Solid State Disk and is the improvement of the HDD, that is, Hard Disk Drive. I will give you four reasons to move your Windows 10 clone to SSD. There are four advantages of choosing the latter type of storage. They are:

  • Less power consumption: SSD disks have no moving parts like motors. Therefore, expect less power usage when you use them.
  • Noise reduction: Since there are no motors and cooling fans required, you will enjoy a calmer environment after moving to SSD.
  • Faster access: The SSD does not spin a platter to access data. Therefore, the reading process is much faster and almost instant!
  • Reliability: SSD storage keeps the data in memory chips, unlike HDDs that are made of fragile parts that jam at the slightest provocation. Therefore, you can rely on SSDs for better service.

The above said, let me introduce you to the best free partition manager that will allow you to enjoy your Windows 10 after executing the above process. You need a software that will ensure your computer is clean and runs smoothly for the best performance. Let me be honest, if you do not take excellent care of your drive partitions, Windows 10 will disappoint you in a big way. While choosing a partition manager, consider the following aspects:

  • Features: Find software that does more than just merge, delete, move, extend or shrink the partitions. Added features such as cleaning and hiding the partitions improve your experience.
  • Security: Never take this aspect for granted. Some partition managers will come with or allow malware or viruses to invade your data. Be keen with this.
  • Usability: I think we must not be IT gurus to use the simple software like these. Therefore, find a software that is easy to use. It should direct you on how to use to minimize any risks.


Well, I am not going to talk this much about the properties of a good partition manager and leave you hanging. At least not without a software that I use. Therefore, allow me to introduce EaseUS Partition Master Free. This partition manager has all the features that I discussed above and more. The extras include movement of date without any losses, conversion of FAT file format to NTFS format, conversion of GPT to MBR disks and vice versa without data loss and support of all hardware file systems. Did I mention that you can copy a whole hard disk to another without requiring a fresh Windows installation? Well, these are just some of the highlights about the EaseUS partition manager. What’s more: it is free for home users!

While you enjoy these new revelations, let me peruse the tech world so that I can bring you similar innovations. Keep in touch for more!