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Gentlemanly Gadgets for the Organized Man

Gadgets for the Organized Man
Photo by Fabian Albert on Unsplash

Gentlemanly Gadgets for the Organized Man

A true gentleman can skip the traditional toilet and instead use the Numi. It comes complete with a motion-activated cover and seat, so you never have to dirty your hands. But that’s not why it retails for $6,700. It also comes with an integrated air dryer, deodorizer, foot warmer and music to soothe your soul. A touch screen remote even lets you set your personal preferences.

You may not have an extra $6,700 lying around to splurge on your bathroom, but there are plenty of gadgets that speak to your gentlemanly sensibilities and help you stay organized at the same time. Here are a few cutting-edge gadgets that make the list for sophistication, charm and practicality.

Gadgets for the Organized Man
Photo by Fabian Albert on Unsplash

HTC One M9

Turn your phone into a sophisticated tool for creating art with the HTC One M9. It has a 20-megapixel rear camera, sapphire glass lens cover and the HTC Zoe feature, all of which let you make videos and movies by combining all your photos and other media in one place. With included Uh Oh Protection, gentlemen on the go, who are prone to adventures that cause cracks and water damage, get a replacement at no extra charge within 12-months of ownership.


The Ox One watch automatically syncs with GPS satellites just by pressing a button on its internal clock if it can’t find a GPS connection. By pressing the “Magic Button” on the side, the watch knows exactly where it is and how to find its GPS point, even if its battery has been dead. Unlike digital watches, the Ox One features an automatic mechanical movement for a sleek, old-world charm that meets modern marvel.

Wocket Wallet

Bulging wallets, and even slim leather varieties, are unsightly in comparison to the high-tech Wocket Wallet. Program your credit cards, loyalty cards and membership details into your card reader. Select which card you want the Wocket Wallet to act as and swipe the card, just like you normally would at your bank, gas station or gym. With this gadget, you never need to deal with unsightly plastic debit cards again.


The yet-to-debut iMbrief acts as a sophisticated, elegant mobile office that’s as fashion-forward as it is secure. Like a traditional briefcase, you can store your files and documents inside, but iMbrief does more than just holds papers. Store and share all your important data on an internal SD card slot or charge your devices with four different USB charging ports.

Created with security in mind, use the fingerprint scanner or iMbrief’s smartphone app to open the briefcase without worrying about prying strangers. A GPS sensor lets you track down your iMbrief on a James Bond-style mission if it’s lost or stolen. For your victory dance upon recovering your new briefcase, use its built-in Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music.

Hue Lightbulb

As a gentleman, you want the ability to set the mood, tone and atmosphere of any room. The Hue Lightbulb makes the standard light bulb look like an aging dinosaur with its ultra sophistication. Match the color and ambiance of any photo from your smartphone, like the sun setting over Venice, to illuminate your favorite room in the house. Each room can embody its own look, whether you’re pouring a whiskey in the den or retiring for the evening in the bedroom.