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Gaming Accessories: A Quick Checklist

Your gaming experience depends heavily on the tools at your disposal. In today’s competitive world you need to be on top of your Gaming Accessories to be on top of your game game. This is a short list of what could be considered to be some of the best gaming components out there. It’s always changing and can never be complete, but this will put you on the right track, to say the least:


Gaming Accessories Mouse:

There are basically two choices here: Logitech and Razer. Those surveyed tend to prefer Razer, but the tops of either of these lines are both more than acceptable. Keep your mouse in optimum condition, or see your performance plummet.

Gaming Keyboard:

There are tons of gaming keyboard choices here, but the main important issues are the feel of a keyboard’s keys and it’s ergonomics. Smart people know that often a keyboard that’s too big can make for poor ergonomics which can make longer gaming sessions less enjoyable and more debilitating. You may even want to consider switching to a scaled down keyboard that eliminates the number pad, obviously depending if it is needed or not for your particular situation.

Gaming Monitor:

Gaming monitors are often overlooked for some reason that’s totally unfathomable. The article in the link talks about the subject in detail, but just to add one big point. Don’t get caught up in the statistics of a monitor. The statistics only tell part of the real picture. Perhaps more important than any single impressive statistic is the simple fact that a monitor has good sync support.

Gaming Accessories Headset:


Things to consider in this gaming headset category are: open vs closed, and corollary to this, how sweaty the headphones are… some people are just more warm-blooded than others and need something like headphones with memory foam pads to keep them a bit cooler. Of course, then there is just the general sound of the phones, some are heavier in the bass, some are brighter than others, etc. This is actually one item that’s very very subjective and it’s advisable for this reason NOT to buy it online.

Taking the time to get the right components for you could very much improve your performance and enjoyment of the gaming experience immensely. So now that you have fully investigated the options, go out and get your gear on the level with confidence, and we’ll see you online to see how you measure up with your new stuff!