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Essential power multi-tools and why you should own one

Today, we’re going to man up and stand up against the common misconception that a modern well-groomed man doesn’t know how to replace a light bulb. We’re going to look into a few types of tools (multi-tools to be more precise), why a modern man needs as well as our top choices.

You can buy your power tools online if you know exactly what you need.

Why do you need one in the first place?

It’s what separated us from the animal kingdom in the first place – tools. Over time, a modern urban man lost his way a bit, reaching for the phone book every time the sinks start leaking, or a cupboard door becomes loose.

On the primal level, a man is a hunter, a protector, and a fixer.

So, even if you can afford to call the handyman for the smallest of fix-ups, every once in a while it’s good to make some noise, swear and sweat over a power tool as the dust sticks to your forehead.

1 man with multitool illustration - Essential power multi-tools and why you should own oneOscillating power multi-tool

The best multifunction power tool are designed to do a wide range of tasks around the house, from grinding and cutting to fine sanding.

It’s not the manliest tool out there, but it can certainly impress.

What if you could build a case for your high-school trophies for your man-cave using just one tool?

Well, if anything can do it, an oscillating power multi-tool can.

2 dewalt power oscillating multitool - Essential power multi-tools and why you should own oneIts power is in the oscillations – it oscillates just enough and at a high frequency that it does the job but without making too much dust.

The secret to choosing the best oscillating tool is to look past the bells and whistles on most power tools out there. It’s like with smartphones – the first and the last time you hear about some features is the first and the last time when you’re buying the thing.

Our choice: Rockwell F50 Sonicrafter

3 rockwell sonicrafter f50 - Essential power multi-tools and why you should own one 


Because it hits the sweet spot between what it can do and cost.

It’s not the all-singing-all-dancing tool like some other multi-tools out there, but it’s more than enough for 99% of households.

Pocket multi-tools – the older, meaner brother of the pocket knife

Why wouldn’t you negotiate a big merger over Skype and then get up and tighten that bolt on the loose porch door?

No reason.

If you’re just quiet enough you might hear your wife’s best friend envy thoughts.

4 surge black - Essential power multi-tools and why you should own oneWhy a multi-tool?

If you end up getting one, you’ll probably ask yourself how you lived without it. That’s the best answer to that one.

All talk about impressing people aside, this is probably the most power-packed into a tool that size on the market.

The best multi-tools include at least a dozen tools like:

A lock and a slip-joint knife

The names are pretty self-explanatory.

A lock blade fully locks into place and becomes a sturdy knife. To close it, you press the lever, usually located at the back of the tool.

You use it when you need real cutting power.

On the other hand, a slip-joint is released and closed by applying pressure. It’s smaller, less sturdy, and held in place by a simple spring.

Being less stable, you’d use it for lighter jobs, like opening boxes or envelopes.

Our choice: Leatherman Wave Black

It’s a toolbox that fits in your pocket.

This piece of eye candy will turn heads, that’s for sure.

5 leatherman wave black oxide - Essential power multi-tools and why you should own one

Leatherman Wave Black features 17 tools including pliers, regular and hard wire-cutters, regular and serrated blade, can and bottle opener and screwdriver in three sizes.

If multi-tools were cars, Leatherman Wave Black with oxide finish would be an Escalade.

If you want something smaller

If you’re a nine-to-five kind of guy and spend most of your time in an office, you’ll want something less bulky, like the Gerber Dime.

6 gerber dime electricians multitool 1024x934 - Essential power multi-tools and why you should own oneOnly 4 inches long, the Gerber Dime is the smallest and lightest (2.2 ounces) multi-tool that still packs the power and versatility of 10 tools. It’s also a great everyday-carry multi-tool for electricians and handymen, just in case work finds you without your toolbox.

So, there we go, these are the two essential tools for a modern man that wants to stay in touch with his innate Burt Reynolds.

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