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Explore the Best Short Term Stocks to Bolster Your Portfolio

Best Short Term Stocks
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Explore the Best Short Term Stocks to Bolster Your Portfolio

If you’re looking to bolster your already-solid long-term portfolio with a few stocks to make some quicker gains, you’ll find some intriguing options on the market right now. Get in on these stocks while they’re undervalued to produce impressive returns.

Best Short Term Stocks
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Alteryx (NASDAQ:AYX)

Though Alteryx certainly makes a list as one of the best short term stocks to buy right now, it also sets you up for long-term wins. This data analytics and automation company offers a product sure to maintain relevance, but management issued a second-half 2020 guide that plummeted stock prices.

Contrary to what that report assumed, positive changes are already underway. Business confidence continues to recover, and businesses will start spending again on data science platforms like this one. Alteryx stock is about as inexpensive as you can get for a quality next-generation enterprise tech company, so buy now to get ready for the likely big rebound.


As with most retail stocks, CVS hasn’t done well so far in 2020. However, flu season is fast approaching — and society has never before been so aware of vaccines and disease.

That elevated awareness can very well translate into significant gains for CVS as demands for flu vaccines and flu and cold medicines peak. With consumers rushing into drug retail stores, stock prices for CVS could start soaring.

Dropbox (NASDAQ:DBX)

As one of the most undervalued names in the virtualization sector, Dropbox offers a way to get in on the work-from-home megatrend. The company provides remote, digital storage for businesses and individuals. User and revenue growth numbers back up the prediction that Dropbox is a winner in the sector.

Currently, you’ll find a significant valuation discrepancy between Dropbox and other virtualization-sector counterparts like Zoom, Slack, and DocuSign. Dropbox is significantly undervalued, but that won’t last forever. As Dropbox continues to perform well, DBX stock will pop. That pop will likely come sooner rather than later.

Kohl’s (NYSE:KSS)

Although Kohl’s might look like it’s in trouble currently, this stock offers the possibility to easily buy low and make back quick returns over the course of a few months. Yes, consumer spending has plummeted recently, particularly when it comes to apparel. Yes, Kohl’s closed stores and cut hours and volume at other locations. But this terrible consumer landscape won’t last forever.

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A potential COVID-19 vaccine will lead to rapid normalization in consumer behavior and, coupled with pent-up demand, that’s likely to translate into a massive rebound for Kohl’s. You can take advantage of the extremely discounted valuation of this stock to bolster your portfolio as a recovery rally starts.

Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC)

Wells Fargo presents another intriguing investment opportunity if you’re looking for a cheap stock that may very well quickly rise. Stock in Wells Fargo is so inexpensive right now thanks to a handful of weak macro-economic fundamentals, such as record-low interest rates, weak consumer spending, and of course, COVID-19.

However, as America moves closer to a vaccine and consumer behavior starts to normalize, those fundamentals should meaningfully improve. As a result, Wells Fargo stock could rise higher and earn your profits in the next months.

Investing in short-term stocks can boost your portfolio. Use these stocks to quickly earn solid returns that complement your long-term holdings.