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Which Camera Holster Should You Buy?

Camera holsters are an indispensable tool, and not just for pro photographers anymore. These days, often the world’s best Youtubers have an impressive DIY ethic and tend to get amazing shots all on their own. The proper photo equipment is no doubt a big part of this; these people are always the first to invest in the tools of their trade to stay ahead of the game.


Whatever application you are shooting for, the proper holster is essential for workflow issues; without one it is extremely difficult to get professional results, especially in clutch situations like shooting on the street.

These particular holsters are the most popular in the industry right now, and we are going to talk about the SpiderLight line, which is an excellent choice for first-timers. Let’s look at why:

SpiderLight Camera Holster ($95)

The SpiderLight is is the easiest of the line to use. It is also the most lightweight and versatile, being compatible with just about any mirrorless camera and any small DSLR.

To use this product, you simply slip it on any belt and on the other side, attach the Spider Plate to camera. That’s it. As an added advantage, the Spider Plate is also compatible with any tripod plate.

We used it with three different tripods we had lying around, and it was flawless. It also clipped on nicely to two different belts. Setting it up took us literally no more than several seconds.

If you don’t have a belt yet, you definitely want to look at the

SpiderLight Camera System ($125-$220)

which conveniently includes SpiderLight Camera Holster and the slim and ergonomic SpiderLight Belt in one cost-effective bundle.

Another advantage of the Spider belts is that you can attach any other Spider brand accessory designed for belt-mounting with the greatest of ease.

We were in fact eager to try out this belt in practise, and to be honest, it really is considerably lighter than the belts we are currently using while appearing to be just as strong as ever. The weight of a belt can be a very important consideration, especially on those long drawn-out shoots as the hours wear on.

If you are a two camera user, this belt is also available in a two-camera version.

A great option for those of you who shoot a lot while outdoors and/or travelling is the versatile

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit ($125)

This kit comes with a specialized holster that can be mounted to a belt, backpack or even a messenger bag strap.

We tried this setup with literally all three of the above configurations as advertised, and it went off without a hitch. Once again, setting it up took us mere seconds, even the first time we did so.

This kit is also compatible with all of the various GoPro™ accessories and cameras, allowing users the ability to get professional quality point-of-view footage with ease.

All of these products are available directly at spiderholster.com and also through many of the retailers of your choice.