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Are You Using Technology to Make Your Life Easier?


Use your laptop Technology to make your life easier. It seems like every week I am reading about some kind of technology or service that is designed to make my life easier. The evolution of technology is fantastic. There are so many products available that help us in our day to day lives. If you haven’t jumped on the technology bandwagon yet, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Be heard

Have you ever had something to say to your favourite brands, but felt that so often you weren’t being listened to? Or maybe you’ve written a letter, posted it out and never got any reply from a business. There is now a platform for consumers to get in touch with their favourite brands. Kinnect2 allows you to connect with a brand and let them know all the things that are on your mind. Brands can then take your feedback on board and find a way to make their business better for you.

Alternatively, if you own a business, this makes it really easy to tune into what your consumers are saying. You can use this to make appropriate changes where needed and improve your business in doing so.


It used to be that when you wanted to meet a new partner you had to go out looking for them! However, as the years have passed online dating has become a lot more sophisticated. From the online chat rooms from years ago to the much more recent dating apps, finding a partner has never been easier. Apps like Happn and Tinder mean you can strike up a conversation with a new beau with a swipe of your hand! They present possible matches for you and you can decide whether or not they appeal to you. If you both agree on a match, you can then get the conversation started. Imagine how many fruitless hours have been wasted as you and your friends went on the pull. That’s all over now.

Staying in touch

I have friends and family all around the world. It used to be that email was the best way of staying in touch with them. However, now we have a wealth of great options to keep us connected. I can message my friends anywhere in the world for free with Whatsapp. I can share photos with them. Anyone with a phone contract will know how much picture messages cost otherwise! I can even video chat live with them using Skype. I feel like I never have to miss out on a big moment in anyone’s life because technology has made it so that we can connect at any time.


Man using a tablet


I love reading hardback books, but the trouble with them is that they are so heavy! Technology has even found a way to make my reading habit easier with the Kindle. I can store as many books as I like on my Kindle and never have to worry about carting around a small library. You can get pretty much any title on the Kindle too.

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