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Why Altium’s PCB Design Software Is A Game Changer

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Electronics design and production is founded on how well the engineers get the electrical circuits right; without printed circuit boards (PCBs), the process would be virtually impossible.  Using the right PCB layout software is at the heart of electronic design because it is the foundation on which the product will be built- a good PCB design software tool should be intuitive, have effective and relevant features, should be risk-limiting, and be multifaceted to handle multiple designs and projects. However, as fundamental as it is, PCB design is more complex today because of the deliberate compaction of routing boards to more sophisticated high-speed PCBs.

Having a PCB layout system that is easy to use and a schematic guide for the design process is a big boost; you want to be able to add new parameters to your design, alter symbols or design footprint, change model links with ease. The ultimate PCB design software by Altium is created with the desires of the electronic designer in mind; the only one made for a unified design environment, it allows a smooth movement from one level to the next as you design.

The layout software guides you through advanced PCB technology routing and supports the latest rigid-flex board design. With dynamic features and functionality, the software layout provides not only the unified platform, but also takes care of aspects like embedded software development, schematic capture and more. This is the electronic designer’s one-stop-shop for improved productivity, with all required tools made available. Manage the convergence of functionality by:

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  • Customizing PCB software layout, for better-organized design work and for easier movement in the tool.
  • Use shortcut keys for intuitive and simple usage.

Customizing and automating manual iterative processes and checks improves overall productivity and performance especially when you are working on more than one project simultaneously.

With the release of the Altium Designer 17, electronics designing is even more exciting. Created to further ease the design work, to give the designer control of routing by replacing auto-routing with the ActiveRoute technology which essentially gives you complete control of where to route and how, as well as room for multiple layers routing. This is great for designing with flex and rigid-flex technology.

The Draftsman simplifies the process of producing manufacturing drawings and syncs them with PCB documents; you are able to produce manufacturing documents much faster and will not have to re-create them in case of changes. The will be updated automatically. The dynamic copper feature saves time modifying copper polygons because of an easy to use editing tool which is customizable. Have a better handle on control signal integrity over the ever-increasing edge rates by completely controlling drill-hole properties for easier back drilling.

This tool provides you with all the design tools you require to realize a new concept; it enables and guides you through the entire design process and into manufacture and production. The Altium PCB software layout has converged all tools and features on a unified integrated environment end to end; all through software development and debug, FPGA design, system-level design, and embedded system creation.

For easier and freer electronic design the Altium layout software is the best for electronics design; get the benefits of the unified design technology and more freedom and control of what you are designing, for a product that is truly yours.

Featured Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels