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Worldwide Waves – 6 Things You Should Know when Planning an Extended Sailing Adventure

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Do you own or have the ability to sail on a yacht? If so, then all you need to get out on the water is the knowledge of how to operate the ship over an extended timeframe with minimal assistance. The following tips are an easy reminder of the importance of planning to make sure you are ready and can safely cross a large body of water without any complications.

Before you can start your sailing experience, you need to be aware of the multiple safety features and organisational methods to make your trip a fun and memorable success!

Keep reading for the top six things you should know when planning an extended sailing adventure.

  1. Know your Mooring Locations

Make sure when planning your sailing adventure to identify the locations of moorings that are available to you. You can list your mooring for free if you are a marina in the area and as a captain or sailor of your vessel, you have the ability to search and choose local moorings within various websites.

You never know if you will have weather that will force you to moor or even worse an unexpected repair or damage that occurs in the middle of your trip. If you have not located any moorings ahead of time, you may be stressed when trying to find a place to stay.

  1. Be Flexible

One of the most prominent mistakes sailors make is to have a fixed date on which you will arrive at your destination. It is great to have a general idea of the time you will visit, but do not fixate on one date in particular. Multiple things can change on a long trip sailing in a yacht. From a change in winds to running low on gas, variable factors can delay you in arriving on your scheduled date.

  1. Finances

The cost that you prepare for and budget in will most times be higher than you expected. This is due to the unknown. Will you have repairs that need to be performed? How many provisions will you bring with you? There will be dining out while in specific areas, and fuel could be higher than imagined if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

  1. Make Sure you Have Enough Power

An easy mistake to make when going on an extended sailing adventure is to not calculate enough power for your day-to-day usage. Between the refrigerator and freezer, the navigation equipment and computers, and lighting, your consumption of energy can be quite large. These items eat up more power than you might think. Add in another source of power such as solar to make sure you will have enough energy during your trip.

  1. Take a Class on sailing

Whether you are leaving Mooloolaba Mooring in Queensland or heading out from McKay Marine in the New South Wales region, you need to be up to date on your sailing skills. Voyaging expertise is obtained over time, and most likely, you will not have any issues with navigation, but it may be wise to brush up on medical training as well as engine maintenance as these are typically the problems you will encounter on an extended trip.

  1. Add Additional Crewmembers

If you will be on an extended voyage, it is vital that you have enough help while sailing. Sailing can be challenging and can cause fatigue if you are trying to do it all alone. It is never wise to go on a solo voyage, as you have no one else to assist you if something goes awry. Make sure to add more crew members to help you in your sailing endeavour.

Why it is Essential to be Organised and Know Your Moorings

Organization when planning a sailing adventure is necessary. Not only do you have to watch the weather, but you also need to be aware of where and when you can moor your vessel as well as making sure you have enough provisions. Planning is essential to this process.

It is also crucial to have a backup plan and to think out the worst-case scenario. That way, if you do run into trouble, you are prepared and can come out of it unscathed!