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How To Make Money Playing Video Gams Competitively

Money At Unikrn.com
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How To Make Money Playing Video Gams Competitively

Unikrn has established itself as the world’s leading online platform for all things Esports. The industry around video gaming competitively has grown tenfold over the past decade or so, now standing at an estimated $1 billion and enticing huge multinational companies worldwide to join in the fun and push up its wealth with hefty investments. Lets see how you can Make Money At Unikrn.com

And with interest in this newest form of entertainment on the rise, industry-leading sites such as Unikrn have become invaluable to both veteran fans and newcomers alike. Unikrn an unbeatable range of betting markets for every title out there, but there are also a plethora of features available on-site for users to invest in the world of wagering, as well as take their love for gaming to the next level. Here are some of the best ways of making money from some of the best features at Unikrn.com. 

Money At Unikrn.com
Image by dife88 from Pixabay

Esports Betting

Boasting the most diverse Esportsbook anywhere online, Unikrn.com comes complete with markets from every event and competition from every Esport title, with an unbeatable range of competitive season outrights and exotic live in-play odds. Users can bet on everything from a match or series winner to more precise markets such as the number of bombs planted or maps played, really allowing them to flex their knowledge and tailor their wagering experience to their own style. 

From the latest LoL betting odds to the Overwatch League’sLeague’s future champion, it’s all available on Unikrn. The site even offers users the complete experience by embedding streams straight from the competitions so users can follow the action right as it happens. 

Parlays and multi-bets can be built out on-site, allowing users to see their potential winnings stretch out as far as they can go. There’s even the option to combine wagers on Esports matches with the odds and markets from the site’s sportsbook, which houses a similar level of diversity in terms of sports, markets, and hyper-competitive odds. 

Esports Betting Tips

If the idea of diving headfirst into the world of Esports is daunting to some, and they’re unsure where to look, Unikrn is on hand to help out with their very own in-house Esports tipster. The Esports Tipster is a hugely credible influence in the Esports wagering sphere, offering cutting edge insights every couple of days from all of the leading Esports games, with some seriously impressive win percentages during this time. 

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Unikrn is all about standing out from their competitors, and they take this attitude into their Esports Tipster; not content with just supplying a winner for users to wager on, the Tipster will offer up some incredibly analytical insights, justifications behind the picks, and the critical differences between backing a favorite and those value wagers that will stretch their winnings even further.

He even has his very own Twitter handle for users to keep up to date with the latest tips and goings-on from what’s hot in the world at the time. 

For both newcomers to the scene looking for a helping guiding hand and seasoned pros looking for those niche bets to get ahead of the curve, The Esports Tipster is one of the best tools to call upon. 


On top of their range of real-world sports and Esports betting markets, Unikrn has proven to be one of the most innovative and exciting platforms out, thereby pushing the boundaries and presenting exclusive new features never seen before in the industry. One such example of these innovative new features is Unikrn’s UMode, the world’s first-ever blockchain-powered player vs. house skill gaming platform that lets users live the Esports dream themselves and make money playing games. 

UMode works by users synching up their personal gaming accounts and choosing from various challenges put forward by the house. These challenges are specific to each game and can vary from simple things such as merely winning the match or something more specific such as planting the most number of bombs in CS: GO, for example. Players will then decide how much they’re willing to wager to match this challenge, and Unikrn will track their next competitive game to see the outcome. 

This player vs. house model not only allows players once again to tailor their experience to their own styles of play while simultaneously removing the risk of sharks or smurfs ruining the fun that are such common issues with player vs. player wagers.