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How to Help Your Kid’s Failing Sports Team

You’ve seen why your kids may hate sports: it could be because you’re trying to force it upon them, it could be because they are constantly being compared to other kids or it could be because they are over scheduled in regards to how much they are taking part in. However, the reason why your child is hating a sport, or seemingly not enjoying it as much as they once did, may be because of another reason that has absolutely nothing to do with you or anything that you, as a parent, are doing. It may be because the sport that they love playing isn’t being made fun, or even worthwhile, to them by the sports team that they are currently in. If this is the case, then there are still opportunities for you to do something about it, even when you have nothing to do with the team except being a spectator; below are a few ways that you can help your kid’s team.


First of all, you could help out in the financial sense. This could mean, if you are capable of doing so, personally investing in the team. You could spend your own money on improving the training facilities, the kits and uniforms that are worn or by paying for team bonding sessions such as days of pleasure. But if this isn’t something you are capable of doing, then you could take to implementing a school fundraising initiative. This could include running a raffle, providing the team and other parents with scratch cards or organising for all those involved with the team to partake in a sponsored bag-pack in the team’s local grocery store or supermarket. If none of these ideas work for you, and if you are stuck for ideas, then a make sure to check out other options here: https://www.easy-fundraising-ideas.com. Raising funds for your kid’s team is a surefire way to be able to improve the facilities on offer to them, which in turn is a way to improve the overall morale of the team. You could also try to improve the team by taking to the field yourself and offering your services actively. You could help the manager or coach in training sessions, you could offer transportation services for other players or you could get to the games early to make sure everything is setup as it should be in order to ensure that the team’s opportunities for victory are maximised. However, if you are ever put in a position where you are offered a coaching role, you should know exactly what you are letting yourself in for.


There are a whole host of other reasons why you should try to help out at your kid’s sports team; it doesn’t have to be about just trying to improve your child’s enjoyment. But if no improvement is seemingly made to the team, even once you have tried to make an impact, then it may be time to move your kids on to another team if they are in fact serious about their love for it or if they are incredibly skilled at the sport. For extra Resources