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Golf Gadgets That Will Knock Shots off Your Game

Golf ball on green
Image by Golfer from Pixabay

As traditional and relaxing as golf is, sometimes we just need a little technology to help us along. Although technology is slowly creeping over all our lives, it’s not all bad, particularly when it comes to golf gadgets!

Don’t be fooled into thinking pros don’t use these gadgets, every practice session, instead of a club, you’ll see a rangefinder and multiple swing analyzers being drawn from the golf bag. The simple reason for this is that they help. A lot. In a game where the margins between winning and loosing are so close, using golf gadgets to improve your game may well just make the difference.

Golf ball
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

To help you choose the right tools to improve your game we have put together a list of the best golf gadgets that will knock shots off your game.

Laser putting

We’ve decided to kick things off with something super cool and futuristic – the laser putter! Developed by OptoSmart, the ‘Laser Putting Trainer LPT’ is perfect for golfers who struggle to line up their puts. Just mount the laser module to your club shaft or grip and watch as the red beam darts out to point you in the right direction!

Image by Josef Pichler from Pixabay

The Laser Putting Trainer LPT is available in right and left-handed versions and costs around $40.

Range finder

Rangefinders are essential in allowing you to measure the distance to any target and choose the right club. Whilst there are a bunch of good rangefinders out there, we would suggest the Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder.

Without a doubt one of the most advanced on the market, the Tour X has a 6x magnification that locks in on the flag to give you a distance and angle reading. And the best bit? It can be legally used in tournaments! It’s not cheap though and will set you back at least $500.

Ball finder Golf Gadgets

Sadly, everyone who plays golf is all to aware of the frustration of loosing golf balls – particularly when they seem to disappear in front of you! Not to worry any more. Enter the Ballfinder Scout.

A brilliant little piece of kit that literally scans up to 600 square feet in just one second. So long as your ball is not completely covered or in water, the Ballfinder will, with its 3.2 megapixel hi-res digital camera, pick it up in no time.

Simply walk to the rough area you lost your ball, press the green button and wait for the gadget to vibrate. You’ll then be guided to the ball with a blue light on the 1.25-inch LCD screen. Easy! Expect to pay around $175.

Hook/slice swing meter

Any keen golfer will know the frustration of slicing or hooking a ball, often constantly! Whilst a hook/slice golf meter cannot solve your technical problems, it can certainly alert you to how much you have hooked or sliced the ball. If you hit straight it may even shout ‘good shot!’. Simply insert batteries and attach to your club shaft to get going. The best bit is you won’t have to spend a fortune with many hook/slice meters coming in around the $20 mark.

3D swing analyzer app

There are plenty of swing analyzer apps out there, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Yet we believe you can’t do much better than Zepp’s new 3D swing analyzer. Simply attach the sensor to your glove, download the app and revel in all the information that comes through.

The Zepp analyzer takes into account elements such as tempo, backswing, hip rotation, swing speed, swing plane and much more! You can even replay your swing through the app and watch it from any angle you desire – seriously cool! The sensor will set you back around $125.

TomTom Golfer

If you want a smart watch for your golfing needs then looks no further than the TomTom golfer.

This little uses GPS navigation to track which course you are playing. It then locks in on your position to give you readings on green distance, doglegs, hazards and layups. You can use it as a scorecard and fitness tracker also, with steps and calorie readings. One charge will generally last 10 hours. The TomTom golfer will set you back around $250.

That’s it, we hope you have enjoyed this article on the best golf gadgets that will knock shots off your game. It’s now time to get out on the course and make the most of these super cool gadgets.