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Perfect Morning, Every Morning

The alarm clock rings. It’s too early. Your body isn’t ready for a new day yet. You open your eyes, still tired from a short night. And then you remember everything you need to do today. You curse. It’s going to be a terrible day, you can feel it in your bones. And then you set for work, ready for a bad day at the office. Needless to say, the day turns out just as bad as you expected. But is it fair to say that your instinct guessed in advance?

Perhaps, and here’s a disturbing thought for you, perhaps your attitude shaped the day. Would that make you responsible for everything that occurs during your workday? No, it would be foolish to assume that just because you woke up in a pessimistic mood, then you can be blamed for the negativity that unfolds as the day progresses. With simple tweaks, you can start your day with optimism. While it doesn’t mean you will be lucky with all your work projects, you’ll undoubtedly notice the difference. Things seem to work out better for people who can embrace their full potential.

Perfect MorningHappy desk, happy you

Routines to get you started

People who want to achieve a lot in their day tend to take an energizing shower in the morning. With a simple 90-second tweak to your shower routine you can wake up and fuel your body with energy. How so? By maximizing contrast! Indeed, once you’ve finished washing, turn the water as cold as possible and stand under for 30 seconds. Beware so, you might feel like screaming! Then turn the water up as hot as you can hold for another 30 seconds and finally finish with a last icy cold cycle. The hot and cold hydrotherapy helps you to relieve stress, so you can start the day feeling relaxed. Finally, don’t go anywhere without a good cup of coffee – or caffeinated tea if you’re not a coffee drinker. Caffeine helps your mind to become alert and attentive, meaning you’re reading to hit the ground running.

Something to be excited about during your commute

Most office worker commute on average 45 to 60 min each day to work. If you’re driving, you need to invest in a comfortable vehicle – check the latest offers from Bob Gillingham Ford Dealer as they’ve got plenty of financing options – with a decent stereo system. But don’t use it to listen to your favorite songs, instead, focus on audiobooks. Audiobooks stimulate the mind, helping you to activate all mental abilities on the way to work. If you’re a public transport commuter, you can pick up a book instead. Reading is an active and engaging activity, so when you finally reach your desk, your mind is already thinking.

Happy desk, happy life rules

If you’re still struggling with negative feelings throughout the day, try to use mood-boosting tips to trick your mind into happiness. Starting with a clean and decorated desk to getting to know your colleagues, the more you create positive engagement at your workplace, the happier it’ll be.

In conclusion, you can never control how stressful or difficult your day is going to be. But you can certainly make sure that you’re mentally equipped to deal with anything that work life throws at you!