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Stok Cold Brew Iced Coffee

STōK® coffee cold brew is one of the latest iced coffees available this summer. Place that mini-fridge next to your bed and consider the idea of rolling over to the edge of your bed to reach down inside and grab that cold brew.

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What is cold brew coffee 

The coffee is brewed at a low temperature for at least 10 hours. By steeping the coffee grounds in water for an extended time period the result is less acidity and a more smooth and bold flavor. We can thank a chemical engineering major Todd Simpson for this.

Cold brew vs iced coffee 

Forget iced coffee which is brewed with hot water, is more acidic, more bitter, and a less pleasant tasting experience. It’s pretty much coffee with ice. There are many cold brew coffee companies entering the market but one that stands out is STōK because it contains just 45 calories with a little bit of milk and cane sugar in the “Not Too Sweet Black“. Not too sweet and not just black coffee.

STōK is made with only simple ingredients, such as coffee, milk and cane sugar and is available in five flavors – Mocha, Vanilla, Chocolate, Unsweet Black and Not Too Sweet Black.