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The Original Shark Energy Drink Arrives in the United States

Energy drinks have become a big part of our daily drinks life with companies becoming household names due to their products.  But did you know one of the oldest energy drinks is the Shark Energy Drink?  Previously available in over 80 countries around the world, this drink is now available in the US.


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What is Shark Energy Drink?

Shark Energy Drink is a product of Osotspa Company Limited, a Bangkok company who have been creating drinks for over 120 years and are one of the world leaders in specialist drinks.  The drink has an impressive popularity – as well as being available in over 80 countries, it is consumed by more than one billion people a year.

But what makes it different to other energy drinks?  The Shark Energy Drink doesn’t use artificial caffeine to give people the boost in the way that others do.  Instead, they use natural caffeine that comes from coffee beans and mixes it with other ingredients that give a sustained release of energy.  This makes them pioneers in the energy drinks market where artificial ingredients are the norm.

One of the first?

Shark Energy Drink was one of the first energy drinks created and the use of natural products offers a better taste than many of its competitors.  Energy drinks are well known for doing their job but not always having the best taste – but this isn’t the case with Shark Energy Drink.

In fact, the drink has a lightly fruity taste and there are also now fruit flavored versions including apple and melon and red berries that give the natural boost of the caffeine and have a delicious fruit flavoring.

Available in the US

With their product rivalling big names such as Red Bull in parts of the world, Osotspa decided to launch their product to the US market and this is already proving popular.  The campaign opened in Florida with a partnership with the 7-11 chain as well as other independent stores.  The company have also set up a sponsorship with the Pro Watercross Tour and even launched a post-high school Scholarship Program in Phoenix, Arizona.

The product also offers a sensible price for energy drinks fans.  At just $1.99 per can, the drink offers a hit of natural energy at an affordable price.  As well as the main drink and the fruit flavored versions, there are also Lite and Sugar Free options to suit all drinking requirements.