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Green Mountain Grills – Reliability and Portability

One of the most famous and appreciated types of grills are represented by the “Green Mountain Grills”, find out more about Green mountain grills here. In the United States of America, they are often used for very good reasons and the “Davy Crocket” model is one of the best on the market, destined for those who enjoy outdoor family barbecues.


For starters, the price is quite approachable and its features are really well-thought. The grill comes equipped with a very innovative system that includes keeping the temperature at your ideal level. What is outstanding is that it can be remotely controlled from any smart phone with the use of an application. Whether you are in the kitchen or right near the grill, you can change or check the temperature in a matter of seconds.


The reliability of this kind of grill is exceptional, being build from quality parts such as steel grill legs that can be folded and can be used on any kind of terrain or surface with no issue: sandy terrain, solid ground or snow, this is the perfect grill.

What can be difficult at start is the Wi-Fi and app communication setup, which is vital for the perfect grill experience. The “Davy Crocket” grill does not have large dimensions and can be ideally used for small meals.


If portability is a sought-after feature, then this grill is extremely appropriate for being taken on beach trips or camping. The grill is not too heavy and, having legs that can be easily folded, can be placed in the back of the car or trunk with no effort. What is also something worth keeping in mind is that it’s not meant to serve a large number of people. This is a family dedicated grill.

Moreover, it should be taken into account the fact that this kind of grill is a modest one, perfect for four or five people’s meal, very practical and easy to use with the temperature monitoring feature and, with some time getting used to its different approach, it promises a great grill experience. Also, this is the kind of grill that it includes innovative technology meant to make matters easier and more comfortable for the user, but for some it can be difficult at the beginning to get familiarized with it. Therefore, the future buyers will need to be equipped with an open mind and patience in order to take advantage of all the features that are included in this new, amazing grill.