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Best Red Wines for the New Year

Red Wines You Should Be Drinking This Year
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Best Red Wines You Should Be Drinking This Year?

Are you curious about which wines, particularly reds, must be on your range for this new year? Well, you have a lot of time to figure it out. But luckily, there are many bottles of red wine to select from, coming from the best regions of the world, including Spain, France, Italy, and the US. all for you to experience the best red wines for the New Year

Different varietals bring distinct textures and flavors to the table. Also, there’s a great wine for every palate. In this post, we’ve listed some of the best red wines to drink this year.

Red Wines You Should Be Drinking This Year
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2009 Chateau Latour

Chateau Latour is among the oldest wine-producing estates in Bordeaux in the Pauillac appellation. And with a deep-rooted history dating back to the 14th century. Vinification happens in stainless steel vats, which are 80-temperature controlled to make the wine of Chateau Latour.

In modern times, the 2009 Chateau Latour is perhaps the best wine made in the estate. This wine is sophisticated in its style, pure, tannic, powerful, and full-bodied. The 2009 Chateau Latour is filled with tobacco, spice, earthy, and cassis flavors.

However, this vintage might need years to develop completely. Even so, once you have a taste of a well-aged bottle of Latour, you will undoubtedly understand why the top vintages were worth the wait.


Waitrose Pinot Noir

This fruity, light-bodied red wine from Romania is an excellent bottle of red for any occasion. The Waitrose Pinot Noir offers superb value for money, given its weight at this price. Over the years, this Pinot Noir has reportedly increased in popularity as a Romanian wine.

Waitrose is undoubtedly a real, genuine success story, and positive remarks about it are getting around the world. This Pinot Noir is refreshing, soft, and tangy with bright red cherry flavors. Plus, it has an easy and smooth drinking finish.


2018 Zensa Nero D’Avola

The 2018 Zensa Nero D’Avola can be found in Oddbins. As the years go by, you will not find any Oddbins in every town. However, they are still operating, and, as a matter of fact, they do deliver. 

The Zensa grown from the most popular and widely planted grape variety from Sicily will surely give you the spicy black cherry on the palette. This red wine is best paired with shepherd’s pie.


2016 Frei Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon

This red wine is a bold and big Cabernet Sauvignon from California. If you want to reward yourself, then the 2016 Frei Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon could be it. It might be the best time to buy this wine as it is currently on a superb offer at Waitrose.


2015 Los Vascos

Los Vascos is often recognized as Chile’s Napa Valley. The grapes for the 2015 Le Dix de Los Vascos were grown in the El Fraile vineyard, which is one of the oldest planted vineyards. Additionally, the blend is made up of 5% Syrah, 10% Carmenere, and 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, resulting in a fruity, rich wine with flavors of black pepper and tobacco.


Red Wine
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2015 Ruffino Alauda

Ruffino, an Italian wine producer, claims that Alauda is made only in premium years, and the 2015 Ruffino Alauda was impeccable. 

This wine is a blend of 25% Colorino, 35% Merlot, and 40% Cabernet Franc from the Poggio Casciano and Montemasso estates. Moreover, the flavor of the 2015 Ruffino Alauda is a soft combination of chocolate, ripe stone fruit, and strawberry notes.


Rioja Imperial Reserva

This red wine is from Rioja, Spain’s Imperial winery, and among the best wine regions in the country. 

The Rioja Imperial Reserva is a very rich wine that pairs excellently to almost everything from meat to cheese, bringing spice, oak, and fruit notes into play to create a balanced mix of flavors. For several years now, this Spanish wine continues to impress and has been a favorite to many.


Sterling Platinum 2015

This red wine was made with approach-ability in mind, well, that’s according to the wine producers from Sterling Vineyards. 

A few of the properties chosen for this release include Napa Valley’s Moore Ranch and Wooden Valley’s Meigs Vineyard. The palate is rich with sweet vanilla and ripe fruit from about nineteen months of barrel aging. Also, there are hints of pepper and sticky toffee.



There’s no doubt that a bottle of red wine is ideal for any season, especially when paired with a hearty meal. The trick in choosing the correct bottle relies upon the occasion, the mood, or the food. But if you don’t know where to start, the list above could help you out. Perhaps one of the bottles mentioned in this post might suit your style and palate or you may decide to start your own wine cellar. You can take in the North Carolina Wine Tours to get an idea of the variety out there and enjoy a unique experience at the same time. You can also learn about the variety of wines, how they taste, questions answered, so you can start figuring out what to put in your wine cellar.

You do not need a sommelier or a large budget to look for the best red wines for you. In fact, all you may need is a lot of curiosity and little research, and of course, taste-testing.