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5 Tips to buying good coffee

Tips to buying good coffee

Coffee is a celebrated beverage all over the world, one which many people wake up early to enjoy and to kick-start their day. It is, however, not only taken in the mornings but also on dates or simply when relaxing at home. In order to get the best experience, however, you must purchase something that will not disappoint in terms of taste and flavor. The following are thus a few tips on buying good coffee.

  1. Try as much as possible to buy the whole-bean coffee

whole bean coffee grinder

To obtain the full flavor of coffee you must purchase the whole-bean type and grind it yourself. This is due to the fact that ground coffee tends to lose its flavor and aroma and is more likely to dry out on the shelf at the store. Therefore, to get coffee with its full flavor and freshness, ensure that you purchase whole beans. Remember, also, to invest in a good grinder that will grind the beans to an even texture. This will enable you to get the best flavor and taste of coffee that you desire.

  1. Check the roast date

Make sure to always purchase coffee that has a recent roast date. The date should best lie within the week or within two weeks of the current date. Always check the bag for a printed roast date, as this will ensure that the seller has a sense of honesty and transparency, which will ensure that you are investing in good quality coffee. If there isn’t a roast date on the bag, ask the barista for the same. However, if he or she also does not know the date, it is best to make your purchase elsewhere.

  1. Go for a lighter roast

Dark roasts often have a really stronger, bold flavor, some of which might be a little too strong or even unpleasant to the drinker. Dark roasts are also mostly done to ensure that any problem or blemish with the bean is covered and will not be detected. Most of them, therefore, lose their flavor. It is therefore advisable to purchase a lighter or medium roast, one that will have the flavor you are seeking as well as other advantages such as antioxidants.

  1. Know where it is from

Coffee comes from most of the places in the world, with some of the best beans hailing from, for instance, Brazil, Kenya and Colombia. Therefore, when making a purchase, check the origin of the coffee. It is not enough for a bag to indicate just the country. Make sure there are more specifics, for instance, not only the country but the region and the farm from where the coffee was grown. These kinds of details help to ascertain the validity of the quality of the coffee.

  1. Do a little market research

They say experience is the best teacher. Experiences from consumers who have had a firsthand encounter with various types of coffee are the best for you to decide which coffee you should buy.  Joining barista school and how training within that school can assist you in choosing the right coffee beans for you’

Therefore, do some research. Check out various magazines, sites, blogs and read reviews on various coffee brands and types. A consumer’s experience will help you to really get a glimpse of the coffee flavors and tastes and enable you to make the best decision based on your preferences.