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4 Go-To Diamond Ring Styles for Your Fiancé-to-be

Diamond Ring Styles
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

4 Go-To Diamond Ring Styles for Your Fiancé-to-be

It can be overwhelming to shop for an engagement ring if you don’t know where to start especially with all the diamond ring styles available today. The number of possible combos exceeds infinity, with so many variables to consider, such as stone size, gemstones, setting types, antique versus new, and much more. All the options you can make are easy to get confused. But before you get in over your head, we are here to help guide you to find your perfect match.

Diamond Ring Styles
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


The most traditional and conventional diamond rings are solitaire. In the design, the name solitaire derives from it being only one stone. A solitaire diamond is often placed on a simple ring with a strand or hook setting to demonstrate its elegance. If your style is simple and elegant, solitaire is the best pick for you. It’s also the kind of ring that defines a generation and never goes out of style, so you’re always going to love it. 


Owing to its classical and graceful style, the cathedral setting has been popular for many years. Its name is based on how the shank’s metal and shoulders arch up to protect the diamond. These curves mimic a cathedral’s arches. They can also be set for additional sparkle or left plain with pavé diamonds. Anyway, for an engagement ring, the Cathedral style’s design and aesthetic vibe make it a luxurious choice.


As far back as the 1500s, Emerald shaped stones date from; they are also known as a table cut. Initially created for emeralds, delicate stones susceptible to fracturing, the cut was crafted during the carving process to reduce stress on the gem. In the 19th century, when they became the go-to stones of the beaux-arts era, famous for their clean lines and geometric form, the name emerald cut arose. 

The emerald cut is one of the most common shapes with its characteristic step cut and enticing geometry. This elongated diamond form is considered to have a contouring impact on the finger and is stunning, stylish, and with a touch of retro glitz and glamour.

Engagement Ring
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The Bazel style

Amongst the most reliable ring configurations is the bezel. Rather than lifted on bristles, the diamond is fixed in place with a metallic rim. 

The bezel arrangement is an ideal choice for an engagement ring because there is less possibility of the stone getting damaged or dropping out. Bezel engagement rings do not need as much care, even though they are more costly than strand-set rings. 

As time passes by, there are no hooks that need to be inspected or adjusted. However, the middle stone may be capable of penetrating less light, so it may also seem smaller.


“For all, there is no” best “type of engagement ring. We recommend finding a setting that suits your style, then personalizing it with a stunning diamond, even if you’re looking for an engagement ring for your fiancé-to-be or the one for yourself. Most important enjoy searching for the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life.