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Will I Be Able to Charge My Leased EV?

Will I Be Able To Charge My Leased EV?
Image by Mikes-Photography on Pixabay

Electric vehicles (EV) have broken into the mainstream in the last few years, predominantly due to Tesla, which has created a range of electric vehicles that can travel long distances and aren’t extremely expensive. This balance has led more people to consider switching to electric, from petrol and diesel vehicles. Furthermore, the UK government plans to outlaw petrol/diesel vehicles from 2030, leading many to plan ahead now.

However, those who haven’t driven an electric vehicle before may be wondering how to charge an electric vehicle and whether that changes if it’s a lease vehicle. Well, when it comes to actually charging your EV, there are a few options available – the most common being public charging points and the other being a home charging unit. But is it worth getting a home charging unit installed if you have your EV as part of an electric car lease deal?

Charging your leased electric vehicle

Nothing about the process of charging your EV will change simply because it’s leased. Home charging can also be a great way of lowering charging costs, so it’s definitely worth investing in a home charging unit. Even if your EV is leased, it’s possible that the deal will last up to 3 years, which is more than long enough to justify getting a home charging station. Plus, thanks to government grants, you’re able to get financial help when installing a station, so you won’t even have to pay the full fee.

If you’re still unsure whether or not it’s worth it, you can look at it from the perspective of planning for the future. After 2030, if you want to drive a vehicle on the road, it will have to be electric, so you’ll likely need to buy a home charging station then, even if you don’t necessarily need to now. If you don’t have parking off-street as a place to install a charging unit, don’t worry, there are still other options available. Public charging units are available, which allow you to charge your vehicle up to 80% in less than an hour, which is great for topping up on long road trips.

In the case of Tesla’s Supercharger stations, the number of charging points is continuously growing, which means there is going to be far more available for charging points in the future. As technology develops, it’s also likely that the time it takes to charge the batteries will be shorter, reducing the amount of time you’ll have to wait while charging.

In short, investing in an electric charging station for your home is a great option, especially as it means you’re covered for the future. However, if this isn’t a possibility, don’t let it put you off choosing an EV as there are still great options available. Plus, with an EV, you can enjoy lower running costs overall and reduce your carbon footprint.

Featured Image by Mikes-Photography on Pixabay