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Top 10 Things You Need to Build DIY Truck Bed Storage Drawers

Top 10 Things You Need to Build DIY Truck Bed Storage Drawers
Photo by Meghan Marron: https://www.pexels.com

If you have an older vehicle that no longer has cab space for storing items like rope and tarps, then investing in a pair of drawers will be your best bet. High strength drawer slides can be used to carry all types of things. So whether you have a specific task in mind for the truck or want to store your gear conveniently, truck bed drawers will do the trick. This article will cover the top things you need to build your truck bed storage.

1. A Set of Drawers

One significant advantage of purchasing truck bed drawers over other storage options is that a set can be had for less than $100. Most prices will be between $40 and $80. The most crucial factor to consider when buying from a store or ordering online is the construction quality.

2. A Flexible Budget

While plenty of high-quality sets are available for less than $100, if you have extra cash to invest in high-end truck bed drawers, you won’t be disappointed with what you get in return. Cheaper models may not offer all the features you would like, while pricier models will have a complete design and more durability overall.

3. A Truck with a Tailgate and a Strong Track System

One of the biggest factors in selecting a set of drawers will be whether or not your vehicle has adequate installation space. The last thing you would want is to spend money on a new set only to find out that the truck does not have enough clearance under the bed or that the tracks can’t accommodate them.

4. A Drill and Some Screws

If you need to install your drawers, you will need several metal screws (or bolts if you’re using stainless steel drawers) and a drill. You will also want something that has high drilling power, as well as machine screws. These will all help ensure that your project is completed carefully and with a high-quality finish.

5. A Router and Router Bits

You will also need a router or an electric hand planer to give you a consistent finish after removing the raw wood from your truck bed storage drawers. You should use the same type of wood to build the drawer sets as what would go into them, but in the case of hardwood, consider using pine. It doesn’t have quite the grain pattern that oak or maple would have, but it doesn’t cost much more.

6. A Good Set of Hinges

Anything can be used as a truck bed drawer if you have a robust and reliable hinge. The problem is that using the drawers below will be more challenging if you only use a simple eye bolt with a spring and a rusting screw. A good set of ball-bearing, self-aligning hinges will ensure that the drawers are easy to open and less likely to fall off.

7. A Tape Measure, Pencil, Level, and Chalk Line

On top of having excellent hinges, you also want your drawer system to be symmetrical so that your tools don’t get mixed up or the weight of your items causes an imbalance in the drawers. The best way to achieve this is by measuring the positions of the four corners of your truck bed. These measurements should be transferred onto a wood piece corresponding to your drawer sets.

8. A Drill Press

The final tool you need is a drill press, allowing you to create perfect holes for screws and bolts. The best part of using one is that it will enable you to test pieces for sturdiness before installing them permanently. If they move or bend easily, you need something sturdier.

9. Hinges and Locks

In the case of lockable truck bed drawers, you will need a latch or a sturdy locking mechanism that matches the hinges you are using. The locks should come with keys to prevent any damage to your safety during transportation. Another option is using padlocks that are secure and easy to open and close.

10. A Wood Glue for Assembling Drawers

After everything is assembled, consider using wood glue for extra strength on the entire set. If you want to take things a step further, consider using dowels or screws.

The Bottom Line

A high-quality set of truck bed storage drawers can be an excellent investment for your vehicle. Depending on your needs, you can get at least half the price of the complete truck bed drawer system for the same quality in construction and design. It means you can get all the drawers without being forced to buy a full set. Truck bed storage is essential. Along with toolboxes, tailgates, and pickup truck tonneau covers, it can also be a significant deciding factor when selecting a pickup truck.

Featured Photo by Meghan Marron: https://www.pexels.com