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Tips on How to Get the Sons of Anarchy Biker Look

Image by Maxx Girr from Pixabay

The hugely popular Sons of Anarchy TV show brought biker clubs back into the limelight again and, as well as reigniting interest in the biker lifestyle, the show also created interest in biker fashion as well, including the clothes and the men’s rings and the biker style men’s jewelry that bikers wear.

While the biker style has changed over the years, much of it, being driven as it is by the practicalities of riding a motorcycle over long distances, has stayed the same. There are still the elements of rebellion, individuality, and freedom in the biker style of today that was was in the late 1940s, and the style still retains the rugged look of clothing and accessories that have been designed to withstand the outdoors and a bit of rough treatment.

So, if you want to embrace the biker look, here are some of the key elements that, when pulled together, make up the classic biker style.

No Skinny Jeans!

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle for any distance, you won’t need telling those skinny jeans are not the most comfortable thing to be wearing for hours on end sat on a Harley. Bikers tend to wear the loose cut, straight jeans because they have much more room in them, so they are much more comfortable to wear.

Leather jackets

Actually, the early hard-core bikers shunned leather jackets and wore cut off denim jackets instead as a sign of their disregard for danger, but nevertheless, the leather jacket has become synonymous with the biker culture. Leather jackets are warm, waterproof and they provide some protection if you take a tumble, so they are the natural choice of jacket for most bikers today.

Biker belts

Belts with large belt buckles are usually a feature of a biker’s wardrobe and, like all biker accessories, the belts will be made out of tough leather and the buckles will often have skull motifs on. The skull is a common feature of biker belts, men’s rings, and men’s jewelry because it represents danger, as well as immortality.

Worn and Distressed

Whatever item of clothing it is, don’t expect a biker to be wearing shiny new, top of the range, designer gear. Worn-in and comfortable is the way to the biker look, from the distressed jeans and leather jacket, right the way through to biker Jewelry. If you want to adopt the biker look, it’s got to look like the clothes you are wearing have some mileage on them.

Biker Rings

Solid and chunky rings are another feature of the biker look and it is skull rings that are one of the most popular types of biker men’s rings. They come in a whole range of different styles and designs, so if you want to buy a genuine biker ring, the best place to shop for it is at a proper BikerRingShop, because then you will get high quality, authentic-looking men’s rings that will look great and will last you a lifetime.

The Boots

When it comes to footwear, practicality is the key consideration for a biker, so you won’t see a genuine biker walking around in a pair of flimsy sandals. You need a good, solid pair of boots that will support the ankle and protect the feet if you want to achieve the head-to-toe biker look.

Cut off Sleeves

If you want to fully embrace the look you’re going to have to start wearing sleeveless jackets and go with the vest or leather gilet look. Cut off sleeves have been a feature of the biker look since the 1960s and it is one aspect of the biker style that hasn’t changed very much over the years.

Biker Jewelry

Biker style men’s jewelry goes beyond just the biker rings; you also have biker pendants, wallet chains, and keychains to make up the full look. Once again, the best place to shop for genuine biker men’s jewelry is at an online at a biker ring shop.

Thick Plaid Shirts and Tough T-Shirts

Hard-wearing, plaid shirts with a good quality T-shirt underneath are the staples of the biker wardrobe. This is for practicality rather than a fashion statement. The thick plaid material and a good quality T-shirt will keep the draft out when you are zipping down the highway at top speed.

A Word of Warning – Don’t Copy the Back Patches!

If you are going to go for the biker look, don’t, whatever you do, wear a copy of any motorcycle club’s back patch or logo. Most of the big club’s insignia has been legally copyrighted and, to put it mildly, members of the club won’t be too impressed if you copy it!

Of course, you don’t have to go for the full-on biker look; it has now become quite fashionable to just wear one item of biker jewelry with mainstream clothing. Even if you are just looking for an item of men’s jewelry or a men’s ring that looks a bit a different and a bit edgy, you’ll find some fine examples of biker jewelry at a BikerRingShop

Featured Image by Maxx Girr from Pixabay