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How The Jacket Maker is Driving the Leather Jackets Industry into the Future with Customization

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Just as technology has made a permanent place in the fashion industry worldwide, fashion designers and brands have incorporated this tool to further improve their products or services, enhancing their sales and businesses and growing their market share in newer, more diversified ways. This doesn’t stop here; with the introduction of AI on the scene, it’s no wonder that the whole dynamic of fashion, from the design and development to reaching customers and the complete process in between, has changed quite immensely over the last couple of years.

Taking a cue from the majority of the collections showcased at Paris Fashion Week this year, especially the menswear, it is obvious that with high fashion now reflecting street-style ensembles and vice-versa (a matter of opinion), fashion has hence, already begun shifting from exclusivity to inclusivity, and in so doing; has introduced for the most part, customization as one of the many tools that can help in giving customers a personalized feel to any product of their choosing.

Why the Need for Customization in Fashion?

Customized jackets


The best idea is to have customized leather patches that can be fitted on bags, jackets, and other fashion items. 4incustompatch offers many designs of leather patches you can select from.

They offer personalized leather patch options to help you turn your leather jackets into works of art. So just select your favorite design, choose the type of leather (natural or dyed) and pick out a color that matches your jacket’s color perfectly

Have you met The Jacket Maker?

The Jacket Maker, since its inception aims to simplify personalization in the fashion industry. Combining years-old bespoke services with today’s technology to make the finest quality custom and ready-to-wear clothing accessible to everyone. Comprising of a group of young, talented individuals looking to creatively disrupt the outerwear industry while changing the rules of fashion retail and including new rules that empower customers by giving them control over what they’d like to wear.

The bespoke service at The Jacket Maker was fueled by three problems that required solutions that The Jacket Maker offers. These are Accessibility, Convenience and Perfection. You can get literally any jacket made at The Jacket Maker. Opting for any material, style, colour, design element and hardware. You can even go for print, monograms or any kind of artwork or embroidery that reflects your personal style and individuality. The design consultants at The Jacket Maker ensure all customers are given state-of-the-art assistance, care and provide advice and suggestions on selecting an ideal jacket, coat or any product that one will treasure. Customers receive this attention and incredible experience due to the words of Founder and CEO Syed Obaid who says “We believe you should never settle for anything almost perfect”.

User Friendly Experience

If by now you aren’t impressed, you will be once you know just how user friendly this cool and innovative startup really is. Say for instance you love leather and would so like to make a custom order request. Here’s what you would have to do to experience perhaps one of the world’s most user friendly features. Once you’re on the page you click on the design with us tab and send in a custom order request which can be anything you can think of. They even have a tab where you can upload reference images, artwork and any material that would help establish a visual of what you expect with your custom order. It could be anything from jackets to coats, in any color or even material, yes The Jacket Maker is known for its leather. Still, they also do work with other fabrics such as cotton, nylon, polyester, silk, and satin. You name it!

Once you’ve sent your custom request, you can be sure to receive a response within a day or two at maximum. It will be from one of the design consultants, which you can be sure isn’t a robot. The design consultant will courteously guide you through the creative process, leaving no stone unturned. You will be assisted in the most appropriate types of material that best suits your order and you. From the fabric to the design and detail as well as the type of closure and hardware to be used.

You will also be asked to provide measurements that you would have to patiently take for yourself or with the help of someone else. The Jacket Maker only wants you to enjoy the best fit and comfort. Once the needed grounds are covered, you will be given an estimated time as to how much time it will take to manufacture your custom order. Unless you require this in time for an event or special occasion. That’s absolutely right! The Jacket Maker loves to also put a smile on as many faces as possible. You can find in their customer gallery a special custom request from a bride to her new groom. A custom leather jacket that she presented him with at their wedding reception. He wore it proudly and totally loved it. Yes! There are many special cases as this where The Jacket Maker has truly pulled through to bring the best to their customers no matter what the occasion is.

Depending on the time you’re given to expect to receive your custom order, The Jacket Maker also enables customers to have a preview of their order, just before it is delivered. This is useful, why? As you get a chance to not only see what your order looks like but also see for sizing, sleeve length and other details. Once you give the green light, your order is shipped to you.

Too Good to be True?

Sure you may be thinking not only is this a great opportunity and with a reasonable price tag, but could all this be too good to be true? You wouldn’t be the first. The Jacket Maker has an impressive leather jacket community that is rapidly growing through the different platforms and social media channels that play an integral part in their online presence and visibility among many different age groups across the world. In the short run of operation, The Jacket has received over 20,000 custom project requests and more than 10,000 customers served in 50+ countries in the world, and growing.

Shared below are a few of the many, and I do mean MANY creative, unique and inspiring customers, wearing their custom orders by The Jacket Maker. You will notice how they all look happy and pleased with their orders, which you can also see in the ‘Happy Customers’ gallery on The Jacket Maker website. What’s also interesting is the customers’ comments regarding their orders and their thoughts on The Jacket Maker experience.


“Wow, where to start. Initially, I was pretty skeptical about ordering from this site. I’d never heard of them before and the only reviews I could find were on the website itself. After quite a bit of deliberation, I decided to take a chance and order myself a custom jacket. From the very beginning, customer service was excellent, and the employee responsible for designing my jacket was extremely friendly and helpful. Almost every email I sent was replied to within 24 hours. After finally settling on a design for my jacket, I handed over the cash and prayed that their craftsmanship and quality matched their amazing customer service. I needn’t have worried. After my jacket shipped, it only took 4 days for it to arrive at my doorstep. 4 days! I opened the well-wrapped package and was delighted with the beautiful leather jacket which lay within. The jacket fits me like a glove and the quality of the leather is superb. I will definitely buy another jacket from them sometime in the future. If you’re thinking of ordering a leather jacket online, “TheJacketMaker” is the best option out there.”


“As others have stated, I was skeptical. I found a custom jacket company charging $800 for a custom leather jacket. Then I found the jacket maker offering the same exact custom jacket for $300. Since they take PayPal I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it. A month later, the jacket arrived at my door and fit perfectly and was exactly as promised. Shown from customer service replied to all my questions promptly throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!!”

Tyler Malad

“I had the pleasure of obtaining the Sven Black Leather Bomber Jacket, and was greatly impressed with both the jacket’s pristine quality and The Jacket Maker’s smooth bespoke process. Their jackets are finely crafted, and their customer service is at its finest. Whether you are seeking to invest into a new jacket of exceptional quality, or any other leather outerwear, The Jacket Maker absolutely provides. From their thorough customization process to their impeccable jacket quality, The Jacket Maker lives up to their motto that “you should never settle for anything almost perfect.”

Black Fur Leather Biker Jacket

Take it to the Bank…

By now we’ve established that The Jacket Maker is THE place to visit for all your leather apparel needs. The custom leather apparel feature, especially; is something that is definitely contributing to creatively disrupting fashion retail and in so doing has managed to transport the fashion industry into the future. Many, many people have tried and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as the custom orders they’ve received, inspiring them to leave customer reviews that are visible on the website. While all this may be truly impressive, what you can take to the bank is that The Jacket Maker involves every customer at every stage of this ‘one of a kind experience’. Making them one of the somewhat few who truly put their customers’ needs first.