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Tips for Helping the Environment with Your Car

Tips for Helping the Environment with Your Car
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Most adults today have a car. Despite their common use, these vehicles often come under scrutiny due to the impact of the environment of their mass use. 

Everybody knows that there is merit to these assessments. The first lockdown showed just how problematic regular car use had become, with a short break in car emissions improving air quality quickly. Additionally, the science behind everything was clear long before that period, and people have known how things stand for many years now. 

Still, one could argue that the driver’s behavior matters more than the car itself. If you introduce the right measures, your road using techniques could help the environment instead of hindering it. Read on to see what we mean by this. 

Start Offering Carpool Services

You may not be able to reduce the usage of your car due to your obligations in life. However, you may be able to help other people use their cars less. 

For example, some organizations have kickstarted ride-sharing initiatives, with carpool schemes being among them. If you drive into work each day, why not pick up a few colleagues along the way? Filling four spare seats in your car means four cars are taken off the road five days a week. Over a lifetime, the difference you make here could be enormous. 

Try to be a likable person during this time. If your passengers enjoy the commute, they are much more likely to keep doing it, which in turn keeps their cars parked at home. You do not need to be a fullfledged entertainer, but if you can strike up meaningful bonds during this window, it will help your cause. 

Why stop at the work commute? If you routinely visit other places such as bars, gyms, or friends’ houses, then carpooling to those places as well would be beneficial to the environment. The best solutions to a problem fulfill multiple purposes at once, which you can experience here. 

Stop Filling Your Car with Junk

Your car will expend more energy if it is heavier. Therefore, it is worth reevaluating what you are putting in it. 

Of course, the weight of other people during carpooling will negatively affect things here. Do not worry, though, because the loss of fuel will offset against these people’s cars being off the road. So, it is still a worthy effort. 

You should pack sensibly for solo trips, though. Clean out your vehicle’s interior and see if there are any items you can either dispose of or place elsewhere. Even smaller goods need to go because they can eventually become a hoard of clutter that weighs a great deal.  

The only things you should keep in your car always are spare parts, first aid kits, and ice scrapers. If you have pets, supplies for them may be necessary. Beyond any goods that can help you in a jam, most other belongings can be stored safely elsewhere. 

Discover Eco-Friendly Services

Maintenance is a big part of car ownership. The businesses you decide to work with can influence how eco-friendly you are about your vehicle. 

Firms in every industry have a responsibility to innovate to protect the environment. The smart cleaning solutions from Sundance fulfill that quota. Their high-efficiency machines are designed to save water (which they also recycle), electricity, and gas without sacrificing wash quality. Sundance also uses biodegradable soaps. View their locations page to see if they are active near you. 

Car repair shops should also have eco-friendly measures in place. They may provide lower sulfur or biodiesel fuels, develop a recycling policy for scrap, or offer their own green suggestions on maintaining your vehicle more eco-consciously. Remember, these objectives are long-term for all and should amount to more than just a fleeting service.  

Look for any appropriate accreditations too. Services that make great strides in sustainability are often duly rewarded or recognized by official bodies. Do some research online to see if they are certified in this matter if you require additional assurances. 

Switch Things Off

Cars have many features and components. Some consume fuel at an accelerated rate when used, which is not eco-friendly. A lot of waste can be avoided here. 

Your engine is a big factor here. While it should obviously be on while you are in transit, it can be turned off if you are stationary for extensive intermittent periods. For instance, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, there is no need for it to be left running until you are inching forwards again. Remember, it only takes a second to turn it off and on, so it is hardly an inconvenience to do so.  

If you live in a warmer state in the U.S., you are likely very familiar with your aircon. Its use can admittedly be quite refreshing on hot and humid days. That said, frequently using your aircon does consume more fuel in your vehicle. Suitable alternatives might be to let in fresh air through open windows or take a cool bottle of water with you on your journeys to help you cool down. 

Purchase an Electric Car

Electric car charging at a station
Image by rawpixel.com

Today everybody knows that electric cars are the future. The sale of gas-fuelled cars will be phased out in the coming years, further incentivizing people to make the all-important switch. 

The sooner you make changes yourself, the better. Some of the best electric vehicles available show no compromises regarding drive quality or fun factors. Driving around with a guilt-free conscience can make an enormous difference to your outlook, too, giving you peace of mind as you go about your daily life knowing that you are helping the environment. 

Costs play a role here too. It is significantly more affordable to power an electric car than it is to fuel a gas-powered vehicle. You can lead a more sustainable lifestyle in more ways than one here, and you can be confident that you can maintain your efforts here over time. 


As you can see, there are many ways to help the environment as a car user. Even before purchasing an electric vehicle, you can take many measures, so try not to assume you are on the ‘wrong’ team. So long as you are doing your best and adopting all the measures you feasibly can, you can be content.  

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay